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Leaving the scene or Viewing a crime without acting, are Punishable by Law.

Lets all hope that all the students who viewed the crime get reported and that the prosecutor of the case takes it to heart and throws the full weight of the law at every single one of those teenagers who stood there and did nothing.

It is appalling that in such a civilized country as ours, that we have school students out there like those. It doesn’t say much for their upbringing or their parents, because if they had been raised by anyone with even half a moral, they would have been calling for help or stepping in to help.

What a sad day it is in our society and for the rest of the good students that this incident reflects badly on. America will always have a certain percentage of trash walking around, but to think that there is already that kind of trash walking around and at that age is totally unbelievable. Those teens should have been hanging out at the local convenience store, reading the latest comic books and not raping or viewing a crime such as that.

I would like to see the juvenile records of all those involved and then forty years later view their adult criminal records. It would make a great case as to why anyone going to prison should be sterilized. Not just those who molest or commit rape.

Filth breeds filth and there is already to much of it in society as we speak.

I am not looking for Little House on the Prairie times, but people this is starting to get out of hand.


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