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Take Notice, Verizon raising early termination fees.

Verizon will raise their early termination fees to $350 per contract. So be sure that you are sure that they are the one you want to go with or else you may find yourself paying some big bucks to get out of your contract.

They will reduce the fee by $10 a month for every month you fulfill your contract. So if you cancel in the 23rd month you would still owe them $120 dollars just to walk away only one month early. Add $10 to that amount for each month sooner.

They think this is fair and they are going to find out if their customers think it’s fair if their business picks up instead of drops off.

I thought I heard somewhere a couple months ago, that these early termination fees were going to be investigated by the government. I guess they wanted to get it up there a ways before it is.

I guess Verizon doesn’t know how bad the times really are or they would have done something for America like lower their fees instead of raising them, so I guess I will be switching! (That is when my contract runs out of course!).

I will never use the service of a cell phone provider that charges over $100 in early termination fees again. Does anyone have any idea what the others are charging now?

If so, let us all know, just which companies really care about their customers and America during tough times.


Check out this cancellation math!

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