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Fish, skip the market and pass me the worms.

Fish R Man said…

Wow have you priced fish lately? It looks like it’s been in there a while and really smells strong and the price is way up there.

Now I know this isn’t for everybody, but fishing can not only be a nice family get together, or a bonding moment between a parent and child, but you can look up the stats on fish taken from your local waters in the guide you get with your license.  See if what you caught is in there and the amount that’s recommended to consume.

Bring them home and clean them or stop at a bait store and see if they will do it . Some will for a small fee. When you get home either cook them up for a great meal or freeze them to use later. This is a great resource, use it.

Nothing say’s a Sport’s Fisherman can’t bring home a good meal every now and then. Visit the Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council online, great-lakes.org for a great fishing site with a ton of good information for all surrounding states. Good Luck and Save a Buck!


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