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Doctors, Parents, Please take Notice. Re.. Swine Flu and Children

To all of the health care professionals out there, it is possible that there may be one thing that is being overlooked and can be detrimental to your little patients well-being.

It happened to my child by a very experienced health care provider and I hope that all of you take note.

The swine flu is making a big appearance to the public here in America and we have evidence of this everywhere we turn now days. You walk by a TV set or past a radio and you will hear about the swine flu and how it is taking its toll on children, the elderly and the already ill individuals in our home towns and communities across America.

Now here comes the problem, every kid who is old enough to speak, walks by the same TV sets and radio and hears these broadcasts the same as any individual would hear them. The problem is, that if they don’t ask questions, so mom and dad can explain the flu, than they can build up a solid and legitimate fear from hearing about all the deaths and hearing how big of a ruckus that this is actually creating.

So I am telling all of the parents out there that you should talk to your kids, dispelling their fears about flu and testing before they get sick and you have to take them to a doctor.  I should have done this, but like most parents you just can’t run around telling your kids about everything that you imagine would be scary to them and you would figure a doctor would be very good at doing that when they see little patients.

Now, Doctors out there are either in it for the gold and glory, or they truly feel good by just performing the job they have chosen to do. Either way they have accepted a responsibility for their patients health and well-being. As patients, we expect them to calm our fears and inform us of what we don’t know, fix what’s wrong with us and make us feel well both in mind and body. Most of you do this very well and with a hectic schedule beating on you to boot. This is what we all know in America to be what is called a doctors bed side manner.

Well I suggest that you all better step up your bedside manner to include the swine flu with children and fast, because I don’t want to have happen to any other kid what Dr. T. Costantino at the Blanzy Clinic in Southgate Michigan, let happen to mine.

This doctor literally scared the Hell out of my child and all over a lack of good bed side manner. You see my child, while playing, had been catching bits and pieces of the news reports here and there but not showing any sign at all that he had even heard of the swine flu. So when the doctor walked in and asked mom the symptoms, he then said “I’m going to test for the swine flu” and just as quickly as he walked in he walked back out without saying a word and with my child immediately welling up in tears because they thought they were going to die.

It took mom a long enough time to calm them down and to get them quiet because they thought they would die, that a nurse came in and asked what was wrong and only offered the statement for my child’s comfort of  “it’s just a test”, and walked out.

Dr. T. Costantino forgot that day that his patients health and well-being should come before his busy practice.

I absolutely feel, being the father of a child that a trained professional scared the hell out of, because he couldn’t take two seconds to see his little patients reaction or talk to his little patient about any fears they may have about being sick, that Dr. Constantino should in the very least be reprimanded for what he failed to do. He was supposed to take care of both his patients  physical and mental well-being, thus violating the doctors modern creed which contains such words as warmth, sympathy, understanding and with paragraphs such as the following—

I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings, those sound of mind and body as well as the infirm.

Top this all off by my wife mentioning to Dr. T. costantino what he did that traumatized my child and his words to her being, ” Don’t tell me how to practice medicine” and you just royally pissed off a dad.

This doctor was wrong that day and I can not speak for any of his other patients, but after hearing of my child’s visit with my wife crying on the other end of a cell phone, it will be time to change health care professionals, to a real professional. This lacked professionalism and there was no call for it!

My next blog after I write and send in a formal complaint letters reguarding this doctor, will be – How to file a complaint about a doctor!


For more on the doctors oath click here-   The Hippocratic Oath

  1. November 9, 2009 at 5:14 AM

    I’ve had my share of bad doctors. I have to agree with you, what is it with doctors and their superior air scaring the hell out of patients instead of listening and comforting them? Great post. Sometimes they spend too much time focusing on the disease and not the patient. If they don’t like to care about patients, I would suggest them to focus on research instead of practicing in a clinic or hospital. Anyway, thanks for your comment on my blog. What an excellent diagnosis you gave me – it really opens up my mind.

    • bankruptnooption
      November 9, 2009 at 6:43 PM

      No prob binkybinky, you are very welcome. I used to be heavy into photography, others say I should have been a psychologist so that’s what the photos revealed to me. Thanks to your pics I just might get back in it a little bit. As the blog allows 🙂

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