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Grainger’s Prices are Up

Grainger’s prices are at an all time high and to say the least, expensive. So expensive in fact that they are better than double on many commonly used items in the daily business world.

Some of their most recent prices while comparison shopping were more than 10 times higher than the competition or the home centers.

$4 for a duplex weatherproof outlet cover at Home Depot, vs. $67 at Grainger. I have seen many more examples as extreme as that!

Sure theirs isn’t some Made in China brand, they sell name brands. But come on, is their name and the manufacturer’s name worth that kind of markup, really?

We have laws against overpricing in this country and I am sure that the Attorney General would like to hear about these prices.

Go online for yourself and pick something off their site. Then compare it with another site that sells the same products. I have and I was literally shocked at how much more they are charging for many things.

Not on everything, but you better check first before buying if you don’t want to lose a bunch.

All this and when American businesses could use a little break the most.

What are they thinking! Grainger used to be as American and fair as A slice of Apple pie—- What Happened!!!!  Does anyone know?


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