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I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this lately, but it seems as if construction zones at least in Wayne County Michigan are being left up well after the construction is finished.

So do you think it is fair to get a speeding ticket if the signs remain up, even thought the barrels are now moved way off the road, the lights are no longer blinking, no one has worked at the site for months and only a couple pieces of rusting equipment remain as eyesores a safe distance from the road.

I bet that this is being used as a new form of revenue for the cities and counties that are issuing the tickets. Maybe the county doesn’t have the manpower to remove them, but they had the manpower to put them up when they wanted, didn’t they.

Sounds like a new style of money-making machine for the hard times many cities are experiencing during this recession. They need more money to balance their budgets and that’s how they are getting some extra funds.

They surely had the manpower to put up the 10 or 12 signs marking the construction and I bet they are easier to take down. So why do they still remain. No workers for almost two months and tickets are still being written.

I think that a good lawyer could fight those tickets and get them all thrown out, because in order to have a construction zone,  it seems there should have to be construction that is at least taking place and with legitimate intervals between construction phases, not months. A one month maximum stoppage of work should be the legal time frame for having to remove them or the counties should be ticketed by the state or federal government for Impeding Traffic!

When the road crews do this, they do not realize it but they actually create much more of a hazard for everyone, including their own families as well. Many of the motorists who decide to disobey the construction speed limit, get angry when they come up on someone who is and they start to tail gait you, almost pushing you and then decide to pass you unsafely, while flipping you their I.Q. level. If you have obeyed the law then you definitely have experienced this more than once in a vacant construction zone.

Someday, some innocent person or people are going to get killed by one of those jug-heads during one of these construction sleep overs and then the highway department will have to face the music for involuntarily injuring or killing a motorist!

Yet this continues to go on regularly. Maybe they have imposed a new law that allows for tickets anywhere construction has taken place. That must be it.

So watch your speed in those dead and deadly construction zones, or you might not notice who is getting ready to watch you open your purse or wallet. And don’t argue with the police officer about it, that may get you a bigger fine, if not thrown in jail, even if it is the highway department that they should be ticketing, not you.


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