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Saving on Turkeys and Trees

You have to be careful or you could miss out by doing this, but I have seen it work and work well on many occasions.

If you don’t mind becoming a last-minute shopper than give this a whirl. Wait until the day before Thanksgiving to get your turkey. Stores usually want to sell off all of their supply and many will start to lower their prices, some up to a week before then.

You can do this with a Christmas tree too, just watch the lots and make sure they don’t sell out on you. Go to a lot with the most trees left and go the day before Christmas Eve day. Their prices will be much lower and you should be able to bargain with them for more of a discount.

Remember the trick is that they want to sell out of both of these items and he who shops last gets the best deals.

Just beware that you may either end up getting nothing because they sold out before you got there, or what they do have left might not even be worth the discounts they are offering.

Keep in mind though, that this is possible to do and it does happen every year at those times. You just have to be a savvy shopper and stalk your prey at the right place until the time is right to buy so you don’t end up left empty-handed.

Printable coupons are a way to save a buck on a turkey also. Just Google Printable Turkey Coupons, and you will find many sites with various coupons to print.

Good Luck and Pass me a Drumstick Please!


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