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Does anyone put Soy Sauce on their rice?

I guess that I am the only one in America that uses Soy Sauce on rice. I am not talking about a main dish with something on top or mixed in with the rice, I am only talking about a side of any kind of prepared rice with nothing else on it.

I also have the next Million Dollar Idea that I will now give away to anyone who reads this.

When I put Soy Sauce on my rice, no matter how slowly I try to shake it and spread it over the rice, it still misses some of the rice and a lot of it just runs down and turns into a giant puddle that runs to the other side of the plate.

So here you go, run to the bank with this one.

Why not put Soy Sauce into spray bottles, like some salad dressings are packaged. This would be a much better way to put it on your food. The coverage would be so much better and it would help eliminate that annoying puddle at the bottom.

So, if you use Soy Sauce on your rice please let me know that I am not alone and if you cash in on that money-making idea, then send me a few bucks in thanks, I sure could use it!


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