…..Misleading Black Friday Ads

…..Pumpkin Pie Shortage?

I wanted to get this one out quickly, because it does pertain to saving money. We will be adding to this page all week.


Read those great Black Friday deals over very carefully and scour the whole ad, because you just might find something printed like this:  Limit three per store, Limited quantities, While supplies last, No rain checks, Available between 6A.M. and 7A.M. only, or some other wording that means that you probably won’t be getting that big deal unless you are one of the very first in line!

You have to watch for this very carefully, or else just shop around until you find a deal that may not be as great, but you will still be happy with. Then you may not have to camp out for that deal and you may not get stampeded to death like a store had happen in the past because the deals were so great and limited.

Most of the stores are doing it and it is a very deceitful business practice. Like I said before, most of them will offer other deals on similar products that aren’t as big, but if you settle for that you will be driving home happy and not mad with or without a rain check in your hands.

It’s also been said that some stores give out the rain checks without ever planning to honor them, or planning to give you something comparable to the original item, which you may not like!

So be careful all you deal hunters out there, as for me, I will be sitting in my jammies, with my family on the big comfy couch by the TV, sipping a cup of coffee and eating warm cinnamon rolls, while I watch you all on the morning news. I shop leftover and closeout deals only. But remember they do have good deals that last for the whole day, or for several days also, so you might want to sleep in this year and go out later, after the crowds thin down. Sometimes settling for less is worth a lot more!

P.S. If you do know one of those Early Black Friday shoppers that are going for that big deal and there is a limit of at least two per person, you could ask them if they would pick one up for you! Then you can come over and sit on the big comfy couch in your jammies too! I’ll save you a cinnamon roll!


I have heard it twice on the news now, and both times I managed to get interrupted and miss where it is at.

I know that some stores in Michigan are selling them at a discount when you buy so many dollars worth of food, you get a pie for a low low price. The farm markets seemed to have the same inventory of pumpkins around here this Halloween.

So for now I am not going to worry, besides, I tried Sweet Potato Pie just recently and with a little Cool Whip on it,  I could get by just fine using that as a substitute!

If I hear of where the shortage is I will let you know, and if you hear of where it is, please let us know.

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