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Facebook, My Space and Twitter are Cool but Watch your Privacy

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We all love Facebook, My Space and Twitter, well maybe not all, but most generally do.

It’s really cool, for keeping up with old friends and family that live far away. You can find people from your past or present and that gives you a way to contact them. There is just one thing you have to remember. It doesn’t matter that you can block the information that is viewed by the public, because if you are on there and are friends with anyone, than they most likely have posted stuff that they know about you on their Facebook, My Space pages or Tweets.

If something big happens to you and you keep it private on your pages, you can reasonably bet that one of your friends who personally knows about it, will mention it on their pages.

I guess that’s OK unless someone undesirable like an Ex- , or an enemy, or baby’s daddy is looking for something on you. If any of those people know any of your Facebook or My Space friends, than that is an open door for them to find out about you through what your friends posted about you on their pages.

Privacy is something that is hard to protect now days. With a thousand friends on Facebook and My Space, some who contact you directly or daily, much of your life can be posted on many of your friends pages without you even knowing it.

So be careful with what you do online and how you do it. The World is Watching You.




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Craig Ferguson speaks from the heart. Alcoholism. Start here for the New Year and I promise you this, it may be difficult but you will feel better for it!

The McLaughlin Group and many more.

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Do you think him or any of his distinguished panelists or any other political talk show host and their guests really know how bad it has been? No.

How can anyone on that show or any other political talk show actually justify that they know how bad the American public really has it, when all they are doing is looking at the “Latest Figures” or “Reports”, with their well to do guests.

The hard times that many Americans have or will experience are well represented in their figures, but that’s all they are dealing with is just figures. They don’t see the faces of the people who are out here and who have been hurt by the economy, all they see is numbers.

There hasn’t been a single political show on American TV that has taken the chance of inviting to their show, some regular mom’s and dad’s who are loosing their homes, so they can let those who haven’t been affected know what the rest of America is  going through.

These hosts and guests on those shows are highfalutin politicians or political wannabees that haven’t the slightest clue as to what we are going through out here in America, because all they see is numbers and they themselves are not hurting a bit.

They sit up there and have a good time hashing over their big ideas of  what needs to be done in order to renew the economy.

Sure they have their reports and understand the words unemployment and foreclosure, but until you actually see them standing in a food pantry line for hours, waiting for 70 lbs of food to feed a family of three for a month, then they can’t justify sitting there in front of the cameras and talking about just how bad it is out here for everyone, much less how to fix it.

And the government is open to all suggestions that go along with what they were going to do in the first place and nothing more. You don’t see a regular meeting between the people and the politicians every week or month now do you.

Until we get someone in the white house that actually opens the doors to the American public and sees what is affecting us real people out here, nothing will ever change and that’s a fact.

So the next time you change channels on your TV and run across one of those political talk shows, the best idea is to keep on pushing the button that took you there in the first place. That way your blood pressure won’t spike and you won’t have to hurry up and wait in a clinic because you have government health care you were forced to buy.


Buy American, It will Last Longer.

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Why do we as hard-working Americans, who earn every gosh darn dollar we work for, put up with all the junk toys and crap products that are made in China or Japan that flood into our stores on a regular basis.

You have surely bought one of these toys for a child, only to have it be hard to assemble or put together and be of such poor quality, materials and craftsmanship, that it was headed for the trash can before its first hour of play was completed.

These toys are crap people, literally crap and nothing more. I have made the mistake of purchasing some of these toys for someone, the past two years and have regretted it fully.

The toys were boxed junk and were not of any quality that enabled a child to play with them the way it was advertised on the box. I bought them because they were cheaper or was the only version of the toy I could find.

They all ended up in the trash within a day and the kids were left with nothing I got them.

I don’t know about everyone, but most people work hard for their money and can’t afford to be wasting money on presents that are not going to last the children for a while. Doing this is absurd. The sad part is that the toys we want to buy are made overseas and that’s what we end up getting and giving, junk.

Does anyone know if there is a site on the internet that is dedicated to toys and their quality. One that rates toys on how well they are constructed. If there isn’t one, there sure needs to be one. I would like to see a site where they would categorize toys by manufacturer and give real reviews from people who have tried them out.

If the importers in America are going to keep pushing this crap down the retailers throats because they are cheep and more profitable to sell and Americans can’t stand together and boycott all the crap they are pushing off on us as quality play toys for our children, then its high time in America for some laws on manufacturing that will eliminate this from continuing to happen.

Or we as Americans can just keep buying this crap and giving it to our kids to play with, because as the richest nation on the face of this earth, we have the expendable income to let this keep happening, all the while showing our intelligence to the world on this issue at the same time.

I think they must use Craftsman tools in Japan or China to do their repairs with, because if they used their own tools they manufacture, we wouldn’t have this crap coming over anymore because both countries would be permanently broke down .

We manufacture oversees to make a bigger profit because the labor rat is so low and because of this we live with crap in our American stores we don’t even like to buy for ourselves.

This doesn’t make much sense people!!!! It’s got to change, for the good of the American people, and Children!

Buy American, It will Last Longer and Save you Money in the long run.


NEWSBITS 12/18-12/24

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…..Man lifts car off of girl.

Man lifts car off of girl…..A man witnessed his daughters friend being hit by a car and pinned under it while someone backed out of their drive and didn’t see the girl there.

The man, around 180 lbs lifter the rear end of the car and shoved it sideways to free the girl. The girl was only under long enough for a concussion and minor injuries. The girl’s family say he is truly their hero and superman.

Later the man tried lifting several cars the same way and couldn’t budge one of them!

Can adrenalin give someone super human strength or is their really divine intervention? I guess the answer is simple. If you believe, than it was divine intervention, otherwise it was the adrenalin rush that did it.

The sad part is that everyone must always be right and many people can’t face the facts that they choose wrong, even if it is proven.

Anyway, Three cheers to a real hero. Someone who acted for the good of another human being.

Moneys Tight. included a Top Video of 2009

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The Give a Baby Squirrel a Helping Hand video that appears in our article titled—We all need a little help now and then.————-is one of the top home-made videos of 2009!

I thought it was good when I first ran across it, that’s why I included it. Now it has been ranked one of the top videos of the year. I knew these guys had a winner with this one!

So without further adue, —

Click —HERE— for article and video!


Yahoo Answers but don’t always believe it.

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment

I saw a recent article on the Yahoo home page about what to do if your cell phone gets wet. Upon reviewing all the answers, even their best choice was not correct.

It appears they are in the Q/A business to gain advertising space and not checking their answers with any professional staff at all who are qualified to give the correct answer.

That is one thing you must be able to discern while surfing the net, is the information you are viewing actually correct or not.

The best way to make sure the information you seek is actually the correct information, is to find it on a reputable site that deals with that kind of information alone.

For example, if you were seeking information on how to tell if you have Tonsillitis, don’t just take the first answer you find anywhere as being correct. You may be on a page that was written by a kid who had it and what they say may be wrong.

Simply think of the category your question is about and then search for sites that deal with that category alone. For Tonsillitis you would search for “medical references or directories” giving you WEB MD, it is there that you will find the correct answer to your question.

To find out how to replace a starter you would search “auto repair manuals online” and go from there. The trick is to first figure out what category your question belongs in and search that category and go from there. By doing so you will not run across as many wrong answers as you would by just searching “Tonsillitis” or “Starters”.

As for the wet cell phone, Putting it in a bowl of uncooked rice won’t hurt anything and it also won’t speed up the evaporation rate of the water in the phone. The rice does collect moisture that comes from the air but it does nothing more to help you.

First let’s look at how the professionals who fix these items do it on a daily basis. Electronic repair technicians first discharge any stored energy in the form of capacitors or batteries. All caps are discharged and all batteries are removed as soon as it comes in. They do this to prevent voltage from shorting to other components in the device and doing more damage.

So first, as soon as you get it out of the water, remove and dry off the battery and sim card the best you can with a soft cloth or towel.

Next the technicians actually wash their repairs in a soap mixture that cuts grease also. Then they rinse them with water.

Now they dry off all of the water they can by blowing low pressure compressed air all over it until it appears there is no more water left. So now take your phone and try to shake and blow out as much loose water as you can from any crack or opening on the device, until you cant shake or blow out any more. A can of Keyboard duster works well for the air to blow it out with.

Now the technicians place the device in a convection oven set to 100 degrees for 24 hours or longer to get rid of any remaining moisture without warping or melting any of the plastic.

You have to find warm dry heat to place your phone in, that isn’t hotter than the heat coming out of your furnace vent in the wintertime. Place it in front of the vent and keep rotating it a little at a time, and leave it there for days. The key to the device working again is to dry it out completely so it won’t short out inside and removing the battery quick enough before the electronics did short inside of it.

You should dry the sim card and battery in the same manner.

Once all is dry and patience is the key while waiting the couple of days for it to dry out, Insert the sim card and reattach the battery to the phone. If it didn’t short out before pulling the battery and it is completely dry inside, than you should be able to turn it on and start using it once again.

If it doesn’t work you could try drying it longer, but it probably is shorted inside so it’s time to have it replaced. I hope you got the accidental damage warranty when you got it.

Since electronics techs wash repairs of all kinds, all the time, this will work with most all of your electronic gear that may ever get wet. Water doesn’t hurt 99% of electronic parts now days. It’s the electrical shorting that happens when they first get wet or if you try to use them before they dry completely inside!

So remember this, the next time you leave your boom box or Ipod out in the rain, don’t throw it away, try to dry it out first, and if you dry it out completely it may be good as new.

HOT TIP; Water and electricity don’t mix so, if anything gets wet while it is plugged into the wall, make sure you turn off the breaker that puts power to the outlet it is plugged into, before you try to unplug it, or you could be severely hurt or killed if you don’t!!! If you are younger and don’t know what to do, don’t touch it and tell an adult immediately.