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Charles Gibson retires and the Average Joe just fades away

Wow, they really went all out at ABC for Charles Gibson’s last broadcast. They shot a goodbye video that contained so many noted individuals saying good-bye to him, that there has never been a live TV show with that kind of line up and never will!

They had everyone from the President and past presidents, to the space station, all the way to Kermit the frog, Elmo, and even a cartoon Mickey Mouse saying goodbye and that they will miss him dearly.

It should end up on You Tube, just search “Charlie signs off for the last time”. That should find it for you when it is added. Here’s a link for now –  Charlie signs off.

Wow it’s absolutely amazing how all those people could honor one individuals retirement and Charlie should indeed feel well liked by many!

Now on the other hand, isn’t it a bit cruel what life gives to us, who haven’t had the chances or breaks that others have had. I’m talking about the “average Joe” anybody who has worked diligently at a job for thirty to forty years and has walked out the door, only to get a couple of goodbyes from a few people before they fade away into retirement. Not even a thank you from anyone running the company for all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears they gave while working there.

Yes there are double standards in America, that’s why you will never see a goodbye tribute,  6 minutes long on TV for anyone you work with. Many of whom have done great things while working in their careers and still not even getting the old proverbial gold watch that everyone grew up knowing we were entitled to, when we retired.

I hate the double standards we have here in America and all the glamor and glits that goes with TV for just that very reason. There are many men who have even died while on their shifts at local factories and in mines. Died while working for a company and haven’t even gotten a plaque of remembrance placed somewhere to remember them.

Teach your children about these double standards we continue to have in America and maybe someday when they finely retire from a life time of dedicated servitude, there will be a reporter standing at the gate with champaign, flowers and a video of their life as they struggled through it to retirement, even if they were just the janitor! Who knows there may even be a representative from the company there as well.

Heaven only knows it could one day be, especially with all the surveillance cameras we have in workplaces, everywhere we do business and with only more yet to come.

I don’t mean to take anything away from Charlie, he apparently earned the well wishes from all those people, but it’s just another example of how there are different standards for everyone here in America, where all men are created equal.

Ya we are created equal, and everyone’s life is as valuable as the next persons, it’s just to bad we don’t see it as being so, or the nation would be seeing you when you retire, also. After all, you earned it too, didn’t you!


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