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Now that’s what I’m talking about

Two guys who started an auto repair shop after they were laid off from their regular jobs, have stepped up to the plate this year to help some needy families. Way to go guys.

They are not looking for extra business or notoriety for doing it, they just felt that since they were so fortunate they could afford to help some others.

So they chose two families who have been through rough times and gave each of the families, gift bags full of gift cards and other good things that will help them through the Holidays and beyond.

Three cheers to these two men who had it rough also, but were able to make a go of it and who took it upon themselves to return a little bit to the community.

Being big and successful in business, may mean that you have to be cut-throat in how you operate and deal daily, but if you are not able to show everyone that a kind and caring side still exists in you, than you are destined to become another Scrooge, whether you like it or not.

You may achieve wealth, fame and power, but the satisfaction of being able to do a good deed for a fellow human being, which intern fulfills our lives and makes us feel and be looked upon by others as whole individuals will be missing from yours. Without that you will never be a complete person and it is that happiness that will elude you till your unremembered death.

Life is about giving and helping others and without it, we are just shadows of individuals going about our daily lives unhappily. The sad part is we don’t even know that, the joyful part is missing from it!

So three cheers and hopefully more business owners who are doing OK will step up to the plate, to experience the joy that has been missing in their lives also!


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