Ten more years gone by. Welcome 2010!

Well ten more years have passed and a lot has happened since the year 2000 came to light.

All the usual worldly stuff you would expect and then there were all the things that happened to you and your family also.

Births, deaths, weddings, divorces, new homes, lost homes, new jobs and ended careers. Yes we all have been through a lot these past years.

Most people don’t begin to feel older until their forties or fifties, which is what makes me feel that the retirement age is unfair, ( more about that later!).

Have you gotten to the point of finally feeling older? Now figure out whether or not it’s just your age or if it was all of the stuff that happened in your life in the past ten years. For me, I think it was all the stuff.

If it was your age, than just go with the flow or have a mid-life crisis like everyone else does. Start wearing your bell bottom jeans again and wigging out your teens, or take up skiing. But if it was all the stuff, than you now have a choice.

You can either feel older and go with that, if the feeling doesn’t bother you, or you can do something about it.

You can start to realize that things happen and usually without much control of the situations, although we are each responsible for our own outcome on things also..but either way, you made it!

We have to do our best to try to make things happen smoothly and we now have another chance to do it again. Ten more Years. Get it into your head that you are only ten years older and are still going strong.

Now make it a part of your daily composure to do the best you can at everything you do in the next ten years and go at it whole hog. Do more stuff with your kids, family, and friends and especially do more things for yourself too. Take some classes, go traveling or make that career change. It’s your life and no one not even your wedded partner has any right to stop you from doing something, unless it is wrong or will cause harm to yourself, your family and friends or others.

So wake up on the First of 2010, grab life by the tail and if it turns around and bites you in the next ten years, than Bite it Back and you won’t feel as old!!! So go on and feel young like you used to. After all, you are only ten years older and you aren’t really that old now, are you!!


P.S. If you decide to do this, you just made a new years resolution for not just a year, but for Ten Years, (fooled ya) but I know you can do it, because you decided you were going to and without making a resolution.

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