Buy American, It will Last Longer.

Why do we as hard-working Americans, who earn every gosh darn dollar we work for, put up with all the junk toys and crap products that are made in China or Japan that flood into our stores on a regular basis.

You have surely bought one of these toys for a child, only to have it be hard to assemble or put together and be of such poor quality, materials and craftsmanship, that it was headed for the trash can before its first hour of play was completed.

These toys are crap people, literally crap and nothing more. I have made the mistake of purchasing some of these toys for someone, the past two years and have regretted it fully.

The toys were boxed junk and were not of any quality that enabled a child to play with them the way it was advertised on the box. I bought them because they were cheaper or was the only version of the toy I could find.

They all ended up in the trash within a day and the kids were left with nothing I got them.

I don’t know about everyone, but most people work hard for their money and can’t afford to be wasting money on presents that are not going to last the children for a while. Doing this is absurd. The sad part is that the toys we want to buy are made overseas and that’s what we end up getting and giving, junk.

Does anyone know if there is a site on the internet that is dedicated to toys and their quality. One that rates toys on how well they are constructed. If there isn’t one, there sure needs to be one. I would like to see a site where they would categorize toys by manufacturer and give real reviews from people who have tried them out.

If the importers in America are going to keep pushing this crap down the retailers throats because they are cheep and more profitable to sell and Americans can’t stand together and boycott all the crap they are pushing off on us as quality play toys for our children, then its high time in America for some laws on manufacturing that will eliminate this from continuing to happen.

Or we as Americans can just keep buying this crap and giving it to our kids to play with, because as the richest nation on the face of this earth, we have the expendable income to let this keep happening, all the while showing our intelligence to the world on this issue at the same time.

I think they must use Craftsman tools in Japan or China to do their repairs with, because if they used their own tools they manufacture, we wouldn’t have this crap coming over anymore because both countries would be permanently broke down .

We manufacture oversees to make a bigger profit because the labor rat is so low and because of this we live with crap in our American stores we don’t even like to buy for ourselves.

This doesn’t make much sense people!!!! It’s got to change, for the good of the American people, and Children!

Buy American, It will Last Longer and Save you Money in the long run.


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