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The McLaughlin Group and many more.

Do you think him or any of his distinguished panelists or any other political talk show host and their guests really know how bad it has been? No.

How can anyone on that show or any other political talk show actually justify that they know how bad the American public really has it, when all they are doing is looking at the “Latest Figures” or “Reports”, with their well to do guests.

The hard times that many Americans have or will experience are well represented in their figures, but that’s all they are dealing with is just figures. They don’t see the faces of the people who are out here and who have been hurt by the economy, all they see is numbers.

There hasn’t been a single political show on American TV that has taken the chance of inviting to their show, some regular mom’s and dad’s who are loosing their homes, so they can let those who haven’t been affected know what the rest of America is  going through.

These hosts and guests on those shows are highfalutin politicians or political wannabees that haven’t the slightest clue as to what we are going through out here in America, because all they see is numbers and they themselves are not hurting a bit.

They sit up there and have a good time hashing over their big ideas of  what needs to be done in order to renew the economy.

Sure they have their reports and understand the words unemployment and foreclosure, but until you actually see them standing in a food pantry line for hours, waiting for 70 lbs of food to feed a family of three for a month, then they can’t justify sitting there in front of the cameras and talking about just how bad it is out here for everyone, much less how to fix it.

And the government is open to all suggestions that go along with what they were going to do in the first place and nothing more. You don’t see a regular meeting between the people and the politicians every week or month now do you.

Until we get someone in the white house that actually opens the doors to the American public and sees what is affecting us real people out here, nothing will ever change and that’s a fact.

So the next time you change channels on your TV and run across one of those political talk shows, the best idea is to keep on pushing the button that took you there in the first place. That way your blood pressure won’t spike and you won’t have to hurry up and wait in a clinic because you have government health care you were forced to buy.


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