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Facebook, My Space and Twitter are Cool but Watch your Privacy

We all love Facebook, My Space and Twitter, well maybe not all, but most generally do.

It’s really cool, for keeping up with old friends and family that live far away. You can find people from your past or present and that gives you a way to contact them. There is just one thing you have to remember. It doesn’t matter that you can block the information that is viewed by the public, because if you are on there and are friends with anyone, than they most likely have posted stuff that they know about you on their Facebook, My Space pages or Tweets.

If something big happens to you and you keep it private on your pages, you can reasonably bet that one of your friends who personally knows about it, will mention it on their pages.

I guess that’s OK unless someone undesirable like an Ex- , or an enemy, or baby’s daddy is looking for something on you. If any of those people know any of your Facebook or My Space friends, than that is an open door for them to find out about you through what your friends posted about you on their pages.

Privacy is something that is hard to protect now days. With a thousand friends on Facebook and My Space, some who contact you directly or daily, much of your life can be posted on many of your friends pages without you even knowing it.

So be careful with what you do online and how you do it. The World is Watching You.


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