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For Those Who Care.

You know, there are many people who haven’t been affected in a single way during this recession, for them it’s blinders on and business ahead as usual. Great. However, some of them will never see what is really happening to millions of Americans out here, because they just don’t get it and just don’t care how anyone is doing besides themselves.

But to the individuals who are unaffected and still yet manage to see exactly what other people are going through, I commend you for not going through life in your own little world like the ones that still don’t get it. You are the true caring citizens of the United States of America who make it all happen. Without your recognition of just how bad it is, there would be no one left that really cares just what happens to many fellow Americans, no matter what race or class they are in. I applaud You.



The New Displaced Workers Guidebook (Michigan) is Out

Well, apparently there is someone in Michigan that does see what is going on and wanted to help. The Dean of the House of Representatives, John Dingell had a displaced workers guide on his site, listing many ways to find help in Michigan.

Problem was, unless you visit his site regularly, most people who are loosing or lost their job will never ever know the guide exists. I never did and I wish I had known about it when I was laid off for 14 months! Well it does exist and it has been revised.

The New displaced Workers Guidebook ( for Michigan) is now available and is like the encyclopedia of  “Where is What” for anyone loosing or who has lost their job.

Moneys Tight. is here to let the country know about things like this. That’s why we are here. We spread the word to you and you pass it on. So pass this on to anyone you know who is down right now and needs a little help.

Thanks Mr. Dingell for helping people when they can use it the most.

I would like to see some of the other states representatives step up to the plate for their citizens who need help badly also. If anyone knows of resources for other states such as this then by all means let us know so we can get the word out to those who need it.

Click the following link to get to the Guide and remember to let anyone who you think may need it, know it is here for them, thanks to the Honorable John D. Dingell. He’s one representative that knows we are all in this together folks!

Click — The New Displaced Workers Guide.

We will add it to the GET HELP page so it’s easy to refer to.

Awrey’s Bakery Celebrates 100 years

Happy Birthday to Awrey’s bakery in Livonia Michigan.

People, Awrey’s has been baking sumptuous goodies since I was a kid and they are still going. They are one of the companies similar to Sander’s and Vernor’s (two other great MI companies) that developed recipes for what they make and have consistently followed those recipe for years.

They know how to bake and they make some of the best baked goods this side of the US.

If you ever see anything on your local baked goodies rack that says Awrey’s on it, you know it’s gonna be good!

I know times are tough, but now my question to Awrey’s and all other successful businesses out there is, what are you going to do to show customer appreciation for all of the years your loyal customers have been buying your products.

You see Mr. Business men and women, just having loyal customers is not enough. If you show them in some regular way that they are loyal customers and that you care about them, than you will retain them for life and not only them, but their children as well and your business will thrive from generation to generation.

There’s more to business than meets the eye!


Forget they’re Asian, Just Stop the Carp!

Here is a link to the Michigan Attorney Generals site with a video and a petition for everyone to sign. We have to get this around people. Even if you are not in the state of Michigan but know someone who is from there, have them click the link and sign the petition.

I don’t hate any fish, after all I love fishing. But I don’t want one of those jumping fish to injure or kill people who are enjoying the great waterways that Michigan has to offer.

Just imagine being on skis at 40 miles per hour and getting hit by one of those fish. OUCH.

We have to get the United States Government to act responsibly and protect the Great Lakes from those fish, otherwise not only Michigan’s economy will be killed, but they may just get a bunch of residual law suits from people who were hurt or from families of people who were killed by the fish while out on the water, because the Government had a chance to do something about it but elected not to!

So sign the Attorney Generals petition the petition and pass the site address around, because this one really matters folks, Businessmen men and women alike.


Check out what I mean.

Haiti – Donate to the Red Cross

Just imagine sitting in the hot sun with dirty crying people all around you. You sit and sit because you have nothing left that you owned but the clothes on your back. Your bed is now a park or a street filled with hundreds of strangers in the same situation as you.

No food, no pillow, no water, no bed except a piece of scrap cardboard pulled from the rubble. Your bathroom is anywhere you can find a space that isn’t near anyone else and totally visible by everyone.

Hunger and thirst start to set in day after day as you hear people constantly fighting for some scraps they found in the rubble. Someone near you offers a little corner of a slice of bread they stole from someone else because they can see that you are starting to get weak.

Deadly fights for anything that is edible or drinkable are the norm now and you don’t have the strength left to fight. You just go over to where the fight took place to look for something edible that may have dropped to the ground during the last fight.

Life has stopped and now you just sit with people you befriended and wait for some help to arrive. All the while looking at a backdrop of death surrounding you, unable to escape the smell of rotting flesh that lingers in the breeze.

One can only imagine what those poor people are going through.

Send every cent you can, to a reputable charity that has pledged to help the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. They surely need it.

Set up a Simple Budget, it’s Your Money!

I was always someone who was dead set against budgeting. I think that was mostly because I was younger and just didn’t realize the importance of setting one up.

I had more money than bills at that point in life and I just didn’t care about finances. But now that I have a lot more years under my belt and have all of the bills and things that go along with it, I realize that a budget isn’t something you make up to limit your spending. A budget is something you make up to be sure that you spend wisely and to let you know where you stand as far as your bills, other debts and savings are concerned. (You can opt to leave out any savings items from your budget if you want to, just don’t write any of them down. Simply take any extra cash each month and save or spend it like normal.)

So let’s get a spiral and make up a quick budget sheet you can use for every month of every year, to let you know at a glance where you stand financially for the month. This will enable you to save more and be able to afford more things that you want or need.

Let’s start by creating a spending sheet for your spare cash. You will only make one of these when you need to figure out what things you can eliminate or to figure out how much you spend in a month on a particular item, such as groceries, or clothes if you are not sure how much to budget every month for things like those.

Just label a page “Spare Cash” and every time you spend money write down what for and how much. Put down on this page everything you bought down to the penny, use several pages if you have to, and you will quickly see after a couple of months, just where all the spare money you have left after paying your bills, is actually going.

Someone I knew did this and found out that the candy bar they bought ever day after lunch, could easily pay their cable TV bill! They quickly gave up the candy to pay for the cable and they also lost weight by doing so. A Doubleheader!

You will be surprised to see just how much money you spend on things and may even end up with more money than you ever thought you would have, just by finding and then cutting out a few unnecessary items.

Once you have done this until you are satisfied that you know where your extra cash is going, we can now start to keep a budget. (You can actually skip the “Spare Cash” part and get straight to the budget if you want. But if you are ever wondering where all that extra money you may have each month is actually going, then make one up. It’s a real eyeopener!)

Now take one page and write the month and year across the very top. Draw a line down the middle, seperating it into two long columns.  On the top left,  label it “Income“. List all of the income you expect to earn after taxes for this month. As close to the penny as you can figure. Every dollar you know you will earn or get from somewhere or someone to bring home to spend this month.  Total up this column.

On the top right, label it “Expenses and Savings“. This is the column where you will list every expense for the month or anything you are saving for or making payments on. Put your most important bills first. Then list things like donate to charity, club dues, and anything else that cant hurt your credit or wont involve a penalty or late fee. They go on last. These are the things we can skip once in a while then catch back up on later. Everything you will spend money on or save money for in a month gets labeled and has an amount in this column. From bills, to food and clothing, to lunches and movies, to bank savings accounts and investments. Use the back of the page or more pages if needed.

When doing your budget, you can choose only to include the major items, if your the type of person who doesn’t sweat the little things and just spends pocket cash for movies, gasoline and such, or you can include everything you will put out money for and budget down to the penny! It’s up to you but even if you only include the have to pay expenses, at least you know if you are covered for those!

Once you have the total amount for everything you spend or save for in a month, including all of your bills, rent, car payments, utility’s, cable, food, clothing, gas, lunches, doughnuts, movies, bowling, pop, new sheets, tools, work clothes, savings accounts, get well soon cards from work, donations, lent money, anything- IRA’s etc., than you can figure out just where you stand financially for the month. So total this column, now.

Here is where we boil it all down and see what we have to do to pay for everything monthly. Subtract the total of the “Expenses and Savings” column from the total of the “Income” column and this will give you a total dollar amount that you will be either short or over for the month. This is an important number to know. It tells you whether or not you can afford everything you listed in the “Expenses and Savings” column for that month or if you have to hold off spending money on something until next month.

Learn to adjust the dollar amount for items listed near the bottom of the  “Expenses and Savings” column for each month. You can put in things that you are saving for every month, like an expensive vacation and adjust that amount to be less or more every month to cover other bills if needed. You can make an extra small column to the right of (Expenses and Savings) and use it to keep a running total of how much you have saved or spent for each item through that month. This way you will know when you will afford the item or how much you spent on something so far and your budget now becomes a Spending and Savings record log also.

Budgets are great because they actually put you in control of your money. If you have enough money for all the necessary things after eliminating the unnecessary things, than you are doing good. But if you are short on paying a few bills for the month, than you can use your budget pages to easily figure out just what you can cut or who can wait to be paid so you can pay those bills.

When dealing with creditors it’s a handy tool to let you know just what you can afford as far as a reduced payment is concerned. Deal with your creditors and tell them your whole story and they may very well cut you some slack, especially if you know just what you can afford to pay them without getting behind on all your other bills.

If you get laid off and start to collect unemployment (make sure you have them take taxes out of your check) then redo your budget with the new income figures and see just what else you can eliminate in order to get by on the lower amount.

Remember, budgeting is nothing more than putting a jar on the table for each thing you will spend money on or save money for during that month and then taking all of your money and filling up the jars as needed. The only difference is that you are writing the jars on paper and writing in the money, that’s it!

Putting your finances on paper like this every month will help you control your money and why not control it, after all it’s yours isn’t it!

You can even get generic budget books at office supply stores or make your own custom pages with everything you need on them and have them copied so all you have to do is put in the amounts for each month. Make sure to leave a little extra space in the columns for any extra items that may crop up. Copy a dozen or more for each year and you will be set to spend your money wisely!

HOT TIP. If you are having trouble with several bills being due close together, than call each company and explain ( to the manager ) how all of your bills due at once is a hardship for you and ask them to adjust their due dates so they will be all be spread out during the month between your pay or unemployment checks.

Here is a link to News Radio950’s online budget calculator, It’s good but not as complete as your own budget on paper, but it may help with your own.  News Radio 950 Budget Calculator


Economic Figures. Are We in a Third World Country?

Well there are economic figures that have been in for a while now and finding something good to write about them is not possible. So here goes nothing.

The national unemployment rate is over 10 percent. The  unemployment rate now is higher than 12 percent in California and greater than 15 percent in Michigan.  The Department of Agriculture has done some research and found that nearly 50 million Americans struggled at some point in 2008 to get enough to eat.

There are more than 40 million Americans who are officially living in poverty. For 2008, the poverty threshold for a single person under age 65 was an income of $11,201, or less than $1,000 a month. For a family of four, the threshold was $21,834. For a family of six, $28,769.

40 million people out of every man woman and child is nearly 13% of all US residents who are living in poverty. Now if you take the number of people who have job incomes, (every working person in America) and divide that number by 40 SORRY I AM INTERRUPTING THIS REPORT FOR THIS ANNOUNCEMENT.  I have just tried to find the total number of working people in America, which sounds very simple, but I have searched through several search engines along with many Government sites leaving me without the necessary data to continue.

EVEN if 13 %  of all people is only halfway close to being true, that puts us in a third world category.

I have nothing more to comment on, except wages are consistently dropping and raises are fewer and farther between, unless you just happen to be in one of the lending institutions that caused this whole mess, then you are doing good.

I would like to see someone make up one of those perpetual time clocks that tells the new number of those living in poverty every minute of the day. I bet it would make the headlines and will be many years before we will see the numbers actually go down instead of up!

It’s sad America, I thought Obama was going to be the new change and get everything running on a fair and just playing field again? Anyone seen it yet? Well I guess there is still time before the next election.