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Will it be Fair to FINE the POOR for not having Health Insurance?

I have heard word about something dealing with the proposed health insurance coverage for everybody and it doesn’t settle well with me or anyone I’ve spoken with. If I am wrong about this than Good, I am glad to be wrong about this, so just move on to the next article.

The fact of the matter is, I have heard in the news that the government wants everyone to have health insurance and you will have to pay something for it. It won’t matter how much you make per hour, you will have to have the coverage required and pay the price.

What disturbs me is this. If you do not get the insurance coverage as required, than you will be fined by your government for not having it. That’s right, FINED!

Can you believe it! I know I just fell off the chair I was sitting in. You have got to be kidding me! Isn’t this still America.

How the hell can anyone call it fair to punish those people who can’t afford it, by imposing FINES on them.

What if you are barely getting by, paying for your health insurance and your car craps out? You need to buy a new one to get to work with. Should you then continue paying for your health coverage so you don’t get FINED and lose your job because you can’t get to work, or use the insurance money to pay for a used car loan so you don’t lose your job, but get FINED for not having insurance?

Come on here, We Are Americans. And This still is America you know! Has the time really come in this country where the government is actually telling the citizens what to do, and pressuring us with the fear of FINES if we don’t do it?

If this is passed and carried out by the government and just one poor soul is FINED for not taking out the insurance coverage when they can’t really afford it, than I don’t ever want to hear the words ” Of the People, By the People and For the People” again as long as I shall live.

This is something really bad that is happening here folks, and it can’t happen without changing the whole idealism that our country was founded on. A government ran For The People and by The People who it is For!


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