This weeks stories.

…..Kansas hunter gets 27 point Doe?

…..Woman on toilet for two years.

Here’s the stories——-

Kansas hunter gets 27 point Doe?…..

Yes, in fact it may be the all time world record for a doe with antlers. Do you know of any bigger racks taken on a doe?

Check out the picture – PICTURE.

Woman on toilet for two years.….

Get this, in Kansas, go figure– An obese woman sat on her boyfriends toilet constantly without ever getting up for 2 years. He fed her daily and he used another bathroom in the home.

Finally after calling in help after trying to get her to move, she was taken to the hospital, seat and all. The woman had to be surgically removed from the seat. Her fatty tissue had actually grown together with the seat material and was a part of her body.

They are investigating to find out why the boyfriend waited 2 years to call in help and whether she was there on her own accord.

Strange to say the least. Don’t try that at work, people!

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