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A to Z Heating and Cooling, High Priced

I recently needed a part for a furnace and on a slow Saturday morning, with no one else at the counter, I showed the man what I needed. He vanished, but quickly came back  and showed me the new one. Without hesitation I said I’d take it.

He rung up the bill and charged me $49.00  I thought this was a little high but was happy to have it. So I left.

Once the furnace was back up and running, I decided to go online and check out that part. Upon checking several places, I was finding a disturbing trend.

Every heating and cooling place I checked, had the same part. The only problem is that they all were charging between 1/2 to 3/4 of what A to Z Heating and Cooling on Van Born rd in Dearborn Heights MI charged me.

At that point, feeling very ripped off, I began calling other Heating and Cooling places only to find out that I had been ripped off, and bad. Most of the prices out the door were about half of what I had been charged.

A to Z Heating and Cooling has been in the area for eons and have always been quite fair about their pricing. I love the place. They always have everything. Everyone I mentioned this to had nothing but good to say about them. But after hearing my story and laughing at me and calling me a sucker, most said they would double-check on their prices before ever doing business with them again in the future.

A to Z used to be a nice community oriented business. But with pricing like that, I guess that part is out the window now.

There are laws in every state that dictate how much something can be sold for above the dealers cost and there aren’t any that allow for a 100% markup.

If you ever find that you have been overcharged for an item, contact the Consumers Protection Agency or the Attorney General for your state. They regularly investigate these claims and are happy to help.


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