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Economic Figures. Are We in a Third World Country?

Well there are economic figures that have been in for a while now and finding something good to write about them is not possible. So here goes nothing.

The national unemployment rate is over 10 percent. The  unemployment rate now is higher than 12 percent in California and greater than 15 percent in Michigan.  The Department of Agriculture has done some research and found that nearly 50 million Americans struggled at some point in 2008 to get enough to eat.

There are more than 40 million Americans who are officially living in poverty. For 2008, the poverty threshold for a single person under age 65 was an income of $11,201, or less than $1,000 a month. For a family of four, the threshold was $21,834. For a family of six, $28,769.

40 million people out of every man woman and child is nearly 13% of all US residents who are living in poverty. Now if you take the number of people who have job incomes, (every working person in America) and divide that number by 40 SORRY I AM INTERRUPTING THIS REPORT FOR THIS ANNOUNCEMENT.  I have just tried to find the total number of working people in America, which sounds very simple, but I have searched through several search engines along with many Government sites leaving me without the necessary data to continue.

EVEN if 13 %  of all people is only halfway close to being true, that puts us in a third world category.

I have nothing more to comment on, except wages are consistently dropping and raises are fewer and farther between, unless you just happen to be in one of the lending institutions that caused this whole mess, then you are doing good.

I would like to see someone make up one of those perpetual time clocks that tells the new number of those living in poverty every minute of the day. I bet it would make the headlines and will be many years before we will see the numbers actually go down instead of up!

It’s sad America, I thought Obama was going to be the new change and get everything running on a fair and just playing field again? Anyone seen it yet? Well I guess there is still time before the next election.


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