Forget they’re Asian, Just Stop the Carp!

Here is a link to the Michigan Attorney Generals site with a video and a petition for everyone to sign. We have to get this around people. Even if you are not in the state of Michigan but know someone who is from there, have them click the link and sign the petition.

I don’t hate any fish, after all I love fishing. But I don’t want one of those jumping fish to injure or kill people who are enjoying the great waterways that Michigan has to offer.

Just imagine being on skis at 40 miles per hour and getting hit by one of those fish. OUCH.

We have to get the United States Government to act responsibly and protect the Great Lakes from those fish, otherwise not only Michigan’s economy will be killed, but they may just get a bunch of residual law suits from people who were hurt or from families of people who were killed by the fish while out on the water, because the Government had a chance to do something about it but elected not to!

So sign the Attorney Generals petition the petition and pass the site address around, because this one really matters folks, Businessmen men and women alike.


Check out what I mean.

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