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Awrey’s Bakery Celebrates 100 years

Happy Birthday to Awrey’s bakery in Livonia Michigan.

People, Awrey’s has been baking sumptuous goodies since I was a kid and they are still going. They are one of the companies similar to Sander’s and Vernor’s (two other great MI companies) that developed recipes for what they make and have consistently followed those recipe for years.

They know how to bake and they make some of the best baked goods this side of the US.

If you ever see anything on your local baked goodies rack that says Awrey’s on it, you know it’s gonna be good!

I know times are tough, but now my question to Awrey’s and all other successful businesses out there is, what are you going to do to show customer appreciation for all of the years your loyal customers have been buying your products.

You see Mr. Business men and women, just having loyal customers is not enough. If you show them in some regular way that they are loyal customers and that you care about them, than you will retain them for life and not only them, but their children as well and your business will thrive from generation to generation.

There’s more to business than meets the eye!


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