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BAYH/PALIN 2012 or Uncorrupted/Uncorrupted 2012

February 28, 2010 Leave a comment

We have some people in public service who are noticing some things that Americans said have been ongoing problems for some time now.

That is causing them to step back and look at politics from the peoples viewpoint and those are the people we need to get into office to do the peoples business in Washington.

Sarah Palin and Evan Bayh are just two of these people who know that public office is a job given by the American people and that they work for the American People who are the government.

It is time to get rid of the hard core Republicans and Democrats who are bought out by big business and who will only vote their party’s way, never crossing the lines even if it is for the good of the American people.

That is why I have said it’s time to create a new system without party’s and big business contributions, that can honestly ( there’s a word you don’t hear to often in politics ) do what is best for the American people.

Many people have said many things about these two politicians and according to what I see, most if not all of the comments are meant to tear apart what they have said by bashing it with their own thoughts or ideas on political service or party loyalty.

If you just listen to what they are saying, and without interjecting your own thoughts on things, than you will see that these two are acting on what they believe is right and they are right.

They are both the very kind of people in which you would let your kids be friends with their kids. They are the kind of people you would want as neighbors to live next to you. They could even be your friends. Even though they have been into politics, they have not let politics stop them from being true representatives of the American people, knowing right from wrong!

Someone should start a site that lists all of the elected officials and fairly places them on a scale of either being willing to cross lines or totally against crossing lines as many are. Then, I don’t know about you, but I know what column I would vote from when it comes to electing government officials to decide things for the good of the American people. I would want someone Open minded and Honest!

How about you?



Washington Senators walk out on Unemployed Americans!

February 28, 2010 Leave a comment

What a shame. Why did they do it? The Washington senate walked out Friday 2/26/10 for the day before passing the EMERGENCY UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION which had already been passed in the House.

They left it dead and many peoples unemployment benefits will end before Monday when they come back. It was said by someone that they expect to pass it next week.

I do know this is going to affect millions who’s benefits run out and it will affect a ton of new filers also.

Just imagine how you would feel about your government if you were one of those affected by this. No job and now no money to live on at all.

I am not sure just why they didn’t understand it was an EMERGENCY EXTENSION, or the importance of it, but I guess they have to get reelected just like any politician does and that’s where the people’s voices who were effected come into play.

If you are unhappy with what the group of senators did, then the next time you see one running for reelection, make sure you register to vote and then go to your voting location and let the senator know they screwed up, by not voting them in again.

If enough people in this country start to vote in all of the elections, than maybe the elected representatives would start to get the message. They work for us!

When they decided to end the week and go to their nice plush homes for the weekend, that are paid for with the money they earn because they are  elected to work for America, they left Millions of their fellow Americans without money to pay for food or mortgages by not passing the EMERGENCY UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION.

That my friends is why you need to vote next time and put them out on the street without a job, if they aren’t going to do the work that is needed, when it’s needed!

I hope that the unemployment commission will straighten out everyone’s claims when the senate finally does pass it and that no one misses the extension who would have gotten it had the senators had enough concern for their fellow Americans to pass it when they should have.

This is just another example of how our government is not working correctly and how the business of America is not being done properly.

Check out this clip from Senator Evan Bayh, he’s seen it not working! And now he’s leaving politics because of it!

Here’s a link to the story Yahoo News did but hurry, their stories vanish Fast!


The State Fair Grounds.

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment

The State Fair is a Michigan Institution. The only way to keep it profitable is to downsize, lay out plans and what must be included, minimum, would be to pick a new city to host it each year, if they wish, they could add to it.

For Example, Taylor’s community center is worthy of a state fair. If it were there than I might go. Easy in and easy out. Like most, I dont go to Detroit unless I have to. It’s just too complex for driving, too big and too busy. The people are genuinely great, but I’ll still pass unless your driving!

So dump the fair ground.

As for turning it into an aquarium, Isn’t there a nice one on Bell Isle we discarded to save money? Why not put money into it again instead of starting over.

How about making it a Metro Park so all the homeless can live when Detroit tears down 12,000 condemned homes where they live now. Each person could have their own tree and camp all year. Or go one step further, Make a homeless community and provide showers, toilets and phones. Then more homeless could find jobs. Give each a mail box on the park road with their name so they can get their jury summons and be a real part of society.

Sell it and let a developer put in a Wallmart.


John Rich: Shutting Detroit Down Video.

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Thanks John, this is real life and your video captures just what is happening to millions of hard working Americans across the country.

I have experienced it and when I ran across the video we watched it and there wasn’t a dry eye afterward. We cried hard.

As was said in the ABOUT page, your song and video explain just why we created Moneys Tight.

So please watch the video and realize something people, that this could be you next, because it has already happened to your neighbors and they didn’t think it could ever happen to them either.

Thank You YOU TUBE!


A Gift for his Family.

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Just imagine working for a company when you hear that the owner is giving up the business to retire. Wow, I guess the questions would start to fly and you would have to wonder if the new owners would keep you on or not.

Now here is a twist that you never heard of and unless the greed that is sucking American businessmen down the deep end, is broken away from and their business attitudes change, you will never hear of it again and that’s a guarantee.

The twist is that after thinking of selling his business for a while, he decided that he couldn’t see anyone else running the business but his employees, so he decided to give it to the employees, all 300 + of them and not leaving out a single person who is working there.

The man felt that some of his employees were not only loyal, hard working people, but that many of them had been with him right from the start and that they all felt like an extended family to him, so he could see no alternative than to give the business to them.

What an unselfish act of kindness and generosity towards all those people who could have possibly ended up jobless had he sold the business outright.

American businessmen buy and sell businesses left and right in this country, but I have never heard of such a kind act as this. You would have thought that with all of the businessmen who have come and gone you might have heard of something nice like this before now.

What gets me the most is that many businessmen own a lot more than only one business. You would think that with that kind of success, that someone along the line sometime before now would have given one of their businesses to the employees to have for themselves. But greed has always taken over all the owners until Bob came along.

The gift he gave is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to each employee.

I just hope that his story will live on for generations to come and maybe eliminate some of the greediness that American businessmen have, then maybe more workers will be treated as the human beings we are and not the replaceable idiots they look at us as being.

Bob is a real role model for our children and socieety and I hope they learn of it and try to make their workers feel just a little more appreciated in the future.

Thanks Bob for showing the world just what real careing and unselfish generosity really mean.


Hey… We’re Dying for Health Care out Here!

February 22, 2010 2 comments

Hello, To all of our elected officials who have a role on deciding when and who will have health care in America.

I remember hearing Bill Clinton back when he was president, pushing for health care for everyone. That was years ago, and it’s been pushed by every president since then. Now it’s just someone else pushing and everyone else pushing back, so cut the crap already!

I don’t understand what is taking so long. What I think they should do if they can’t come up with a whole system, is just start a little bit of a system, like change a couple of things for everyone who doesn’t have insurance. Then take it from there and build on the ideas that seem to work.

Maybe that would eliminate all the bickering going on up there and something would finally start to happen. You remember, babies have to learn to sit up before they can crawl, and they have to learn to stand before they can walk.

I just wonder how long it will be from this moment on, before a system is finally in place and seeing patients. Just imagine all of the people without health insurance who will die before they ever figure it out.

It is Feb 22, at 8:15 pm and if anyone knows how to estimate on a monthly basis, just how many people will die without health care before the system finally gets started, I would like for you to email so we can give America your figures and how you arrived at the figure. I will bet you that, a monthly estimate before a system is actually in place, would literally be shocking!

So why then wouldn’t you figure that, with I’m guessing thousands of American lives at stake, they would quit their party fighting and come together for the good of those who will die before the system actually gets rolling.

The number of deaths would have to be a national tragedy or something like it. Maybe that would get them off their asses, or at least wake them up a bit!

Scrap the parties and get it done for the good of America! We are the People and we pay you to work for us, so do it already!


Totino’s Pizza Rolls, 40 Count or is it?

February 22, 2010 Leave a comment

I am writing this from my personal experience with the brand and this goes for every other manufacturer who places a count number and weight on the product they manufacture.

I personally have been eating Totino’s Pizza Rolls off and on now for tens of years, ever since they broke into the market. They are just the most tastiest little bites of heaven that anyone has ever created in a Pizza tasting bite-sized form, Gotta Love Em! If they would have a contest to win Pizza Rolls for life, I would have entered it a gajillion times.

As a matter of fact, at one point I was told that if I kept eating them like I was, that I was going to turn into one of those bite sized tasty morsels myself. But it hasn’t happened yet. Darn.

Now here’s the ritual. I open the bag and pour them out onto a piece of aluminum foil atop of my toaster oven rack, where I proceed to give them all the space they need by lining them up like little soldiers standing at attention.

Before I slide the rack into my 425 degree preheated oven, I always get this insatiable urge to count those tiny morsels that were poured from the freshly opened bag and I have noticed two very definite things have taken place over the years.

A few years after they came out, and I don’t remember if the weight was on the bag then, but each of those tasty little bites were starting to get a little more empty.

Now I know that for every item produced in this country by any manufacturer, there is a cost involved with the production of the item.  The items I am referring to here, are things that are produced with a mix of ingredients.

If a manufacturer were to, lets say cut down on the amount of filling they put in each individual item that goes toward the count on the bag, than for each bag they produce, they may save enough of the ingredients to fill more bags, thus producing more with the same amount of stuff. Lets say they are able to fill 20 extra bags a day by doing that, they have not only lowered  the cost of production, but also increased their profits.

I have noticed this problem has since returned almost to normal over the years and I hope I will never see it happen again.

The other thing I noticed was the count in the beginning was usually close to 40, sometimes just over or under. Then after a couple of years the bag count started to average less than 40, with 40 or over not occurring much at all.

So I like many consumers, went on strike for a while. Since then I have returned to eating them off and on and still end up with the bags being short more of the time.

But how can the weight be consistent and the count vary that much over the years.? I have never weighed the bags but have counted most of the bags I have eaten and most of the time the actual count is lower. I guess it’s OK if the weight they give the consumer is always the same in every bag and the weight is accurate.

But why would a manufacturer pick a number that is consistently more than what’s in the bag? Why don’t they either up the weight a little so more are put into the bag or lower the count? Then the average number in the bags will be closer to their labeled count. Is this a form of deception?

You can not justify saying there are roughly x amount in the bag when more often than not there are less than that. If the labeled count is 40 approximately, than the weight should consistently put a count above or below that number for the weight and count to actually be true.

Every time I go back to those great tasting treats I end up counting them and once again I become a dissatisfied consumer, ready to throw the bag out the window.

Listen up Manufacturers, Don’t tell America there are approximately x amount in the bag when the actual count and weight doesn’t reflect that consistently. That’s sorta like the butcher who weighs your meat and has his thumb on the back edge of the scale where you can’t see it. Every customer ends up paying for a little extra meat they don’t get.

The actual count stated on the product must average that number for the count to be true to the weight. Otherwise, sell them strictly by weight alone and drop the count, you all know the rules for that.

If they are going to be consistently under the count you say, than it’s time you took your thumb off the scale and dropped your price by that much to match.

But they are great and until I start counting an average that reflects the labeled count, I will continue to only intermittently sample those tiny bites of scrumdillyiciouse goodness, but not near as frequently, because as an American consumer I absolutely hate to pay for something that I am not getting!

And that’s only my experience and opinion.

HOT TIP>>>>> As a consumer, you have to watch out for things like this happening, because you may end up wasting your hard earned money on something less than you thought you were getting. Doing so will save you money on your budget in the long run.