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Just Eliminate the Aisle?

The last presidential election held in this country was historic and for many reasons. This time many young voters and many people who have never voted or haven’t voted in a long time, joined in the election balloting.

The turn out at the polls was great, but there was more to it than that. There was a feeling in the air that something different in government was about to happen and I’m not talking about any of the historic facts that president Obama carries along with his presidency.

What I’m talking about is the feeling that was felt by most everyone. The spirit that was in the air, unlike most other presidential elections. The feeling that the old way of governing things above peoples heads and behind their backs was coming to an end. It felt like the government is actually ran by the voting citizens again and that the elected officials were going to be there to do what the public wanted them to do, not what big business wanted.

It actually felt that president Obama was an independent party and not a Democrat or a Republican. The feel was in the air, that it was going to be time to stop all of the party fighting and bickering on every issue that ends up on the table and come together across the aisle as leaders, to do what was best for the most people involved regarding every issue. (You can’t please all the people all of the time.)

The time to throw out the aisle and the party lines and all the trouble they cause in politics was upon us. It was time for a president that was able to get everyone together on the issues as the elected representatives they are and not the bought out, my party is better than your party idiots they frequently appear to be.

Face it, the old two party system used to work but now all it does is hinder the actual lawmaking process more than help it. It’s time to change from something that is broken, and unrepairable because of all the hands that have contributed financially to it’s meltdown and institute a new system in it’s place.

We need to get that feeling that was in the air back. We run the government and it’s not supposed to be the other way around as it is now. We need to throw out the electoral college and the two party system we have now and just strip everyone of any party at all. No more party lines at all, Period.

That would put our elected officials in there because the people want them and free their hands on important matters, so they don’t have to vote a certain way just because their party got a huge donation for their campaign from some big businesses, that want things ran a certain way.

Lets free our bought out lawmakers from having their hands tied by a party or big business and make them all independents. All of their campaign funds would be budgeted into the annual budget and the lump sum would be divided equally to all who decided to run. That’s all they would have and they would have to make the best campaign out of the equal funds they would get.

The publics real vote would be the deciding vote. No more of this winning the popular vote and still losing the election. We the people would now elect them the way it should be, by all those who choose to vote.

Once they were in office, all they would have to concentrate on is doing the best job they can. No more worries about aisles and party lines and payola by big business. This would put that old spirit back in the air for a long time, and who knows, maybe things would actually get done properly for once.

Anybody else think it’s time for a change?


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