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Jammie’s in Public! Whats up with That?

In the doctors office, in the stores, at the movies, in the mall, what the heck is going on with that? I’m not talking about teenagers either, although the teens are bad for it. I’m talking about the adults walking around in public like that.

Maybe the teens have an excuse because they are teens, but the only excuse I can think of for the adults is just plain laziness and nothing else.

What is the message they are trying to send to everyone, by being an adult out in public with their pajamas on. Are they telling us they would rather be sleeping, are they lazy, are they slutty, are they trying to pick up younger people? Most of them seem to be women, but there are some men doing it also.

Just what does it mean and why are so many more people doing it these days.

It may be because it’s more comfortable for them, but it really doesn’t look that neat or presentable. Unless they have a medical need, it must just be pure laziness as to why they do it.

What ever happened to having a little pride in your appearance and what kind of example is it setting for our kids. When a jogger dons a jogging outfit and running shoes, he is dressed comfortably and neatly for exercising and for going outside. Jammie’s are meant for bed and bed is inside not outside unless you are camping.

There should be laws against wearing your pajamas in public unless you are a real true kid, or you have a medical reason and are able to prove it.

What’s next after the pajamas, Lovers Lane types of night-ware or going out in your undies!

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