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Landlords, Pricing out their tennants.


To whom it may concern,
I live in a trailer community. I’m on disability. When I first moved in this community the lot rent was alright. Well after being here now for five years the lot rent is so high. I think all trailer communities should stay at a low price for there lots. We can’t do anything like put a swing set out on the lawn, we cant put a small swimming pool on the lawn so why do we need to pay such high prices for them?
The place I’m at is a community where the owner says the economy is bad, so rent needs to go up. Why don’t these people understand it’s just not bad for them it’s bad for all of us, but they keep taking more money from us. Soon I’m going to be out of my home because the lot rent alone and I’m a single mother with children. So who can stop this and make lot rent lower? Is there anyone out there that can and will help to stop these landlords from raising the rent like they do? We need to live too.

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