A Gift for his Family.

Just imagine working for a company when you hear that the owner is giving up the business to retire. Wow, I guess the questions would start to fly and you would have to wonder if the new owners would keep you on or not.

Now here is a twist that you never heard of and unless the greed that is sucking American businessmen down the deep end, is broken away from and their business attitudes change, you will never hear of it again and that’s a guarantee.

The twist is that after thinking of selling his business for a while, he decided that he couldn’t see anyone else running the business but his employees, so he decided to give it to the employees, all 300 + of them and not leaving out a single person who is working there.

The man felt that some of his employees were not only loyal, hard working people, but that many of them had been with him right from the start and that they all felt like an extended family to him, so he could see no alternative than to give the business to them.

What an unselfish act of kindness and generosity towards all those people who could have possibly ended up jobless had he sold the business outright.

American businessmen buy and sell businesses left and right in this country, but I have never heard of such a kind act as this. You would have thought that with all of the businessmen who have come and gone you might have heard of something nice like this before now.

What gets me the most is that many businessmen own a lot more than only one business. You would think that with that kind of success, that someone along the line sometime before now would have given one of their businesses to the employees to have for themselves. But greed has always taken over all the owners until Bob came along.

The gift he gave is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to each employee.

I just hope that his story will live on for generations to come and maybe eliminate some of the greediness that American businessmen have, then maybe more workers will be treated as the human beings we are and not the replaceable idiots they look at us as being.

Bob is a real role model for our children and socieety and I hope they learn of it and try to make their workers feel just a little more appreciated in the future.

Thanks Bob for showing the world just what real careing and unselfish generosity really mean.


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