The State Fair Grounds.

The State Fair is a Michigan Institution. The only way to keep it profitable is to downsize, lay out plans and what must be included, minimum, would be to pick a new city to host it each year, if they wish, they could add to it.

For Example, Taylor’s community center is worthy of a state fair. If it were there than I might go. Easy in and easy out. Like most, I dont go to Detroit unless I have to. It’s just too complex for driving, too big and too busy. The people are genuinely great, but I’ll still pass unless your driving!

So dump the fair ground.

As for turning it into an aquarium, Isn’t there a nice one on Bell Isle we discarded to save money? Why not put money into it again instead of starting over.

How about making it a Metro Park so all the homeless can live when Detroit tears down 12,000 condemned homes where they live now. Each person could have their own tree and camp all year. Or go one step further, Make a homeless community and provide showers, toilets and phones. Then more homeless could find jobs. Give each a mail box on the park road with their name so they can get their jury summons and be a real part of society.

Sell it and let a developer put in a Wallmart.


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