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Washington Senators walk out on Unemployed Americans!

What a shame. Why did they do it? The Washington senate walked out Friday 2/26/10 for the day before passing the EMERGENCY UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION which had already been passed in the House.

They left it dead and many peoples unemployment benefits will end before Monday when they come back. It was said by someone that they expect to pass it next week.

I do know this is going to affect millions who’s benefits run out and it will affect a ton of new filers also.

Just imagine how you would feel about your government if you were one of those affected by this. No job and now no money to live on at all.

I am not sure just why they didn’t understand it was an EMERGENCY EXTENSION, or the importance of it, but I guess they have to get reelected just like any politician does and that’s where the people’s voices who were effected come into play.

If you are unhappy with what the group of senators did, then the next time you see one running for reelection, make sure you register to vote and then go to your voting location and let the senator know they screwed up, by not voting them in again.

If enough people in this country start to vote in all of the elections, than maybe the elected representatives would start to get the message. They work for us!

When they decided to end the week and go to their nice plush homes for the weekend, that are paid for with the money they earn because they are  elected to work for America, they left Millions of their fellow Americans without money to pay for food or mortgages by not passing the EMERGENCY UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION.

That my friends is why you need to vote next time and put them out on the street without a job, if they aren’t going to do the work that is needed, when it’s needed!

I hope that the unemployment commission will straighten out everyone’s claims when the senate finally does pass it and that no one misses the extension who would have gotten it had the senators had enough concern for their fellow Americans to pass it when they should have.

This is just another example of how our government is not working correctly and how the business of America is not being done properly.

Check out this clip from Senator Evan Bayh, he’s seen it not working! And now he’s leaving politics because of it!

Here’s a link to the story Yahoo News did but hurry, their stories vanish Fast!


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