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South Hadley High School Faculty should be Jailed

March 29, 2010 7 comments

When the faculty of a school lets bullying happen to the extent that it did in this case, they should be Jailed! Incompetence is not an excuse, ever, by anyone, to not at least seek help and get suggestions on how to handle a situation that could escalate into violence.

Apparently what had happened was the students began to pick on a girl because of a failed romance with a popular boy in the school. The group of juvenile delinquents harassed the girl to the point of taking her own life because of the torment she had been going through for months.

Now the prosecutor, has several of the bullies up on some serious charges which they indeed should be.

Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel announced the charges and to many peoples amazement, they didn’t include not one single charge brought against any of the faculty at the school or in the ruling board of education for the school district.

Scheibel apparently stated that no charges were being sought against the faculty because they had “a lack of understanding of harassment associated with teen dating relationships,” and the school’s code of conduct was interpreted and enforced in an “inconsistent” manner. Meaning the faculty failed to follow through on rule enforcement and discipline in many other instances as well.

Then answer me this, Why the hell are those people allowed to run and fill critical positions at a high school, if they are not educated enough to perform the job duties that go along with the positions!

Like I said before, Ignorance is not an excuse! EVER! Tell any judge you didn’t know the law and listen to what they tell you oh sad unknowing individual. I will add further that whoever the charging prosecutor may be, they are as guilty of the same negligence and need to also spend a few good years behind bars for not charging the faculty, all the way up to Gus Sayer the school Superintendent. (Maybe a few of them are related some how or something? Someone should check into that!)

The students acted wrongly and should all be tried, but the administration at the school failed to act in prevention of what they were informed was happening and should equally be tried as well, because their lack of action contributed directly to the girls death.

Apparently according to Massachusetts representative John Scibak, there is a Bully Awareness bill being worked on there, but heĀ  didn’t mention anything about investigating why the adults involved aren’t being brought up on charges. All he basically commented to, was that they should possibly be reprimanded for their failures to prevent this tragic act of bullying from taking place. Why isn’t anyone going after the acting adults in this case? What the hell is being covered up in that state!

If that county keeps these people in the school system, there’s a lot that we as parents won’t tolerate and that would definitely be a major one, because that girl could have been any one of our children! That kind of ignorance of individuals in administrative positions won’t be tolerated, for the safety of all of the kids!

Students and parents alike, must take a stand to never let this happen again, and see this through or else the next individual taking their life could hit closer to home!
At-least, Do what’s right Now for Phoebe Prince.



TAYLOR BOOKER a True Roll-model

March 29, 2010 1 comment

A young lady named Taylor Booker is a real hero and should be a real roll-model for young people everywhere.

The story has it that an elderly woman suffering from a stroke, miss-dialed the phone for help and got Taylor’s house instead. She answered the phone and after a few words were spoken, quickly jumped into action, realizing that the person on the other end really needed help.

She grabbed a cell phone, dialed 911, and began relaying information from the lady to the operator. Emergency crews were able to get to the lady’s home quickly and credit Taylor with saving her life.

Way to go Taylor!!! We just wish more young people were as caring and concerned with what happens around them as you are. I hope that you get some type of recognition for your heroic act and please continue being the kind of person you already showed the world you are.

The world would be a much better place, if more young people carried the same outlook on things as you.


Government Bailout for Home Mortgages

Finally the government has instituted a plan with the four big mortgage lenders in the country, and they will be giving many homeowners some much needed help in the months to come.

So remember to call your lenders soon. To save your home.

To bad there is nothing they could do to help the millions who already lost their homes, because they didn’t see how bad off people were until now.

On account of their blindness and delay in action, Millions of lives have been hurt.

An update to this is that they actually didn’t start helping until years later. What a scam that was. It finally took the president to make them do it.

You better shop those farm markets and produce stands early.

You better get there shortly after they open or it may be slim pickins otherwise.

You see, during a recession everyone learns to fend for themselves and they learn to do things that save them money.

One way to save a huge amount of dough is to shop your local farm or produce markets. They have tons to sell in a very limited time frame and you can get some great deals on produce there.

People usually get all their seedlings, plants and seeds for their gardens there in the early spring also. During hard times there are more people that plant gardens than when times are good and they learn how to can fruits and vegetables just like grandma used to do. So expect to find standing room only this year when you go to get yours.

That’s why I say to visit them early this year, or you may be the one left buying the sour grapes or planting spinach and onions! Hey wait a minute, I like onions, but please hand me a couple of those tomato plants too, would ya!


Librarys, Computers and Bailouts?

The numbers reflect that one third of Americans use library computers for their internet use and job searches, amongst other things.

With numbers like that, the computer manufacturers have room for a whole new complete cheep market to sell to, if they so choose. That’s if they were creative enough to do so!

But what if the government got off their you know what and offered another bailout program that would put good used computers, into the hands of the lower income who can’t afford to buy one. Similar to what they have already done with the free cell phone program.

First, businesses could donate their used computers instead of scrapping them. Some businesses actually do donate old computers to good causes already.

Just imagine being able to claim $100 bucks or more off of your taxes if you donate your old computer to a licensed computer repair shop, to be refurbished for basic dial-up internet access (with child protection), along with word processing and then donated to a charitable organization, that helps those who are struggling to get by.

If someone needs a computer and qualifies, they can get one per household for free and get a pre-paid card to allow themĀ  dial-up internet access, to enable them to look for work or use the online unemployment systems.

Wow, talk about putting everyone online. It would also help to create jobs. Repair shops would get a rebate too. The prepaid card would provide only enough use-age time for them to use for legitimate reasons. It would keep a lot of old computers from ending up as waste in a landfill.

The list goes on, so what do you think! Let me know!

Let’s hit Obama and the computer giants up with this one hey!


Bean counters and the Walton’s?

Wow imagine this. The people who keep track of stuff, (I call them bean counters), said that we are returning to the days of the Walton’s.

For those of you who don’t know the Walton’s, they were a TV family back in the Seventies, that had multi generations of their family, living together under the same roof. From great grandparents, down to great grandchildren, they all lived together.

Well that’s what the number guys say, is happening in America as we speak.

I am just going to say this about it. I can’t stand when the number guys come up with something they see happening in their number counting and think that they have just discovered plutonium or something.

Most of the time, if they would get their noses out of the numbers for just a minute and look out a window they would be able to predict their numbers just by watching what is happening in this country!

Listen up number people out there, With all the Unemployment and Home Foreclosures that have taken place over the past year, as MILLIONS of people have lost their homes and have been devastated, it wouldn’t take much of a brain to figure out that many of those individuals had to go live with their relatives for a while, until they can get back on their feet!

So if you ever discover something really significant with your number counting, please let us know, but for now, just keep counting. We know what is going on in America, we weren’t born yesterday you know, but if your numbers ever find out why they still insist on making one ply toilet paper, Please let me know and Shut up John Boy were trying to sleep!


Practice dialing 911 with your kids.

Practice makes perfect is what we always tell the kids. So practice a few things with them.

First, and practice this until you are satisfied, teach them to dial 911 if there’s a emergency. If it’s a fire they should run to a trusted neighbors house first then dial.

Get an old play phone to practice with, and take them through the whole call as if you were the operator. Even if your 911 service has automatic location, you still want them to practice the name, address, and phone number part because you might be somewhere that doesn’t have it when they call.

The second thing to practice is a fire drill. Teach them what to do if there is a fire and rehearse this a few times a year. Make sure they can operate anything in the path they are instructed to take. Door locks, baby gates, window locks, opening a window if it includes one. Their route must be do-able by them at all times, if that’s what they are to do. If they are too young then show them what to do until help arrives.

Take the kids up to your local fire department on a quiet Saturday evening in the summer, to see the trucks and let one of the firemen show them how they look if they are dressed with their breathing masks on. They will love it and they will know what to expect in a real rescue.

The fire men can also help you find information or help plan what everyone should do. But before you leave remember to thank them for all the hard and dangerous work they do. It’s not the pay they love, it’s the Job and the people they do it for. That’s why they do it.