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Job Tips for Chiefs. Indians Need Not Apply.

Take a look at any of the job spots on any of the local news channels in your area and you would swear that every worker who is searching for a job is a Chief.

When are they going to wake up and realize there are more Indians than Chiefs in any business and that they need to start catering a little more of their advice to the Indians and little less to the Chiefs.

It seems they always tailor their advice more for people who are looking for office positions or management positions ( Chiefs ), where it is important to convey certain types of information to the person interviewing you in order to get the job.

Those people need to explain things like; How you helped the company you were with, How you can help their company, What kind of projects you lead and how they were beneficial to the company etc.. Thats mostly what the stations give as tips for landing a job on almost every job spot.

Indians on the other hand are the back-bone of American business. There is usually two or more indians per chief, so why don’t they start tailoring more of the job help for the Indians who are looking to find regular labor positions? These are the people we need to put back to work for the economy, the ones who need more help top bbc land that job during an interview. They need different kind of tips on landing a job because the items I mentioned for the Chiefs don’t fit with a labor or even a skilled trades position.

Yet all the job spots who give job tips, just keep catering their job tips and information towards the Chiefs. Maybe they figure that most anyone will do in the other positions and someone will get the job. But if they actually thought for a minute, they would realize that it’s important to the hiring manager to find a good reliable person to do those jobs also and not just anyone!

So to all these tip tsections in the papers, on the news channels, and on the internet, Please start giving a little more advise to help the Indians who are trying to land their positions, because after all they are workers too and as the backbone of American production they deserve to have a little help just like you are giving to the Chiefs. Wake Up! and Play Fairly.


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