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Senator Bunning Won’t Seek Reelection! Amen!

Well imagine that, he won’t seek reelection. I wonder why? Maybe it’s because everyone in America is ready to send the guy packing for holding up an Emergency Unemployment Extension.

What’s the matter with this Crazy idiot anyway. He may very well have good reason for opposing the bill that will add to the budget and that has a bunch of other crap thrown in, so it will have to be passed also.

Fine, so he has good reason to buck it, but when bucking it up front stands between thousands of peoples only means of support, and is hurting many tragically, the idiot is going about it totally wrong and doesn’t need to ever serve the people again in any capacity.

He, being a professional, could have passed it and then made a major stink over how the process is wrong, because too much stuff gets included when it shouldn’t and then tried to raise support to change it. Not screw around with the lively-hood of thousands of Americans.

I wouldn’t vote this guy in for Dog Catcher if he ran and that’s my opinion.

Kentucky, what’s your opinion? After all, he is yours!


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