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The Olympic Closing shows Canada’s True Spirit.

The closing ceremony showed the world just what kind of honest and genuine people Canadians really are.

Apparently in the opening ceremony, one of the giant pillars for the flame didn’t rise up from the floor and the girl who was to light the flame on that pillar could just stand proudly and watch as the others got to light the flames on their pillars.

So being the open minded and considerate people they are, they decided to change their scene and play up the malfunction in the opening ceremony to the fullest.

They raised up three of the giant pillars and while everyone on the stadium was again waiting for the fourth one to come up, they sent a make believe maintenance guy onto the ice to work on it. He had a tool belt and was wearing workers overalls as he wandered onto the arena floor. That was when he went about repairing the giant pillar.

It was great to see him out there with all his tools ( pretending to fix it ) hammering, pounding, cutting, and pulling and then he went about raising  up that pillar to meet all of the others.

Then from below the ice came the girl with her lit torch, who had been left standing during the opening ceremony. She proceeded to approach the pillar and then she and she alone lit the giant pillar to the cheers of the crowd and with a smile on her face that could be seen from across the lands.

To be humble and to learn from your mistakes is one thing, but to be able to not only learn from them, but also to laugh about them, shows just what kind of real, great, honest, people Canadians really are. I know you have your good and your bad in every country, but the overall makeup is what reflects to the rest of the world.

That night when that girl got to light the pillar that didn’t work the first time, it reflected the true spirit of the Canadian people. As far as I’m concerned it must have reflected them right into the heavens that night. They are truly America’s Great Neighbors to the North.

Gee wouldn’t you be happy if you had neighbors like that?


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