Gas Stations Suck.

You are all to blame,

What more dangerous of a job could you have and get paid the glorious sum of SEVEN dollars an hour.

SEVEN dollars an hour, for all the responsibility, unflexable rules and all the headaches that go with it.

Gas Stations across America, YOU SUCK as employers.

All the big profits you end up making come from people who are hard working, endangering their own lives and for SEVEN dollars an hour.

Then on top of it all, you have all of your crazy rules that everyone must strictly adhere to or it’s the chopping block, with no explanation or even a thanks for anything you did.

You know darn well there are times when a cashier will go slightly over the drawer limits you set. But you set those drawer limits in stone and they may never be broken.

You are not very good management is all that it shows and here is why. You know that when there is a rush and the pumps are full, that the drawer will likely go over and while the rush continues the cashier doesn’t have the time to keep your customers happy and count and dump hundreds of dollars at the same time, YOU KNOW IT. Besides, it wouldn’t be safe either, so they wait for small breaks between customers to make the dumps.

You also penalize them for counting mistakes made when dumping their drawers, so you just hire these people and let them hang by their toes until it becomes publicly known that a mistake was made by someone, then the little big shot regional managers all strap on their firing guns and blow that person away from ever being your employee again, along with putting an unnecessary black mark on their employment history, as if they were the bad guy.

How unfair of working conditions are those. Sure the cashier could make paying customers wait while they count and drop money so their drawer doesn’t go over, and risk one of them calling and complaining that they made them wait, or worse, promote a robbery, then here comes the firing guns again.

You are just BAD management and until the day comes when every gas station clerk in this nation gets their voice heard and changes are made for a little flexibility within you system, you will continue to be just that.

You big Gas companies should respect your workers enough to make things like this change and you should also pay them a decent wage for the dangerous job they do.

Here is a link to a story that happened a while back, showing how some of their rules need to be changed! I sure hope this lady got another job or shame on all of you big Gas suppliers. Link to story and Video.


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