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The Government Loves You Fatso! (POP TAX)

Wow, did you ever imagine that the government loves you so much that they would take care of you in every way imaginable. Even in ways they shouldn’t be doing, because that is not why they are there.

Anyway, the new way they have thought of to love everyone, is to put a Fat Tax on many peoples favorite beverage and to tax it so heavily that you will not be able to drink as much because of the high cost. That will cause you to lose weight and be healthier, thus lowering the cost of health care in this country. Fat Tax MY Ass! Or FAT ASS TAX!!! You decide!

Wow, lowering the cost of health care for everyone, when they have been unable to come up with a health care plan for months and months now, that would give coverage to millions who go without it. If you added together all their pays for all the time they have wasted on the health care issue, they wouldn’t need the Fat Ass Tax on pop.

To do it, they are affecting no one but the lower class, because they are the ones who will suffer and skip buying pop, because it will be something else they don’t have money to afford anymore.

I have heard that the average price will go from a national average of $1.70 to $2.37 a two liter + the state deposit on top of that. That is a total jump of only 67 cents per 2 liter bottle. Not to bad Hey! That equals up to only a 40% jump in price. Just drink more BEER, it will be cheaper than pop soon!!!

I wonder why they just didn’t double or triple the price instead. Talk about price gouging, its to bad price gouging doesn’t pertain to taxation or they would end up with hefty fines or community service for even attempting a jump in price like that, but that’s our loving government for us.

Oh yea, that’s right, they already serve their community don’t they! Scratch that, Just throw them all in Jail! Do they have pop in Jail?

Just think America, the next time that you, or your family go out to eat, or to the movies, or bowling, or the fair, or a beach, or a park, or anything fun that we can barely afford to do once in a while now, it will now cost you more. Just Great, I already had to give up my cable TV because I’m turning into a couch potato!

Answer me this, would you! Just what the hell are the kids supposed to drink when we take them to all the fun places anyway? I haven’t seen a good substitute for pop in the same form as a dispensable fountain drink yet, that kids would ask for on a regular basis.  I know……Fountain CoolAid!!! Yea.

Nope, that wont work either, because that has sugar in it too. So how about a good glass of Fountain Water, little Suzie, to wash down that CANDY BAR  and all that PINK COTTON CANDY YOU JUST ATE!!!!!!! (Do you really think that just pop is the problem? What will be next people?)

Through this whole mess, the only thing that hasn’t gone up much in price at all is pop. The manufacturers have cut corners where necessary and have managed to keep their prices stable for the last year unlike most everything else that we buy.

They are about due to have to raise their prices sooner or later and now with the new Fat Tax added to pop first, how is this going to affect them or the price of pop if they raise their prices after the Fat Tax. Maybe they can just lay off more workers, so they don’t have to raise the base price any higher.

It’s no wonder why the government is becoming less and less credible in the eyes of the Hard working Tax Paying, Voting, American Citizens.

Did you catch the Voting part people???????? Huh!!!!!!!!!!!

Now pass me the popcorn and my pop and get the hell out a my favorite chair because I’m ready to watch a little C-Span on cable! I wonder why they don’t put the government channels on regular TV so everyone could watch?


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