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Education and Unity, a Countrys Basic Needs to Survive.

America is a melting pot of almost every nationality and ethnic group known to man. However it is becoming a country more and more divided by everyone’s personal beliefs and ways.

I celebrate this holiday and you celebrate that holiday, but one thing is for sure. If we continue to live separately, with our separate ways and teachings, then generation after generation citizens will become more and more divided and wanting things their own way, instead of agreeing on what’s best for all and for the country.

This is a country formed by many nationalities over 230 years ago. People who were then willing to put their own nationalities on the back shelf  and go along with what was put on paper for everyone in this country to believe in and follow as Americans.

Without the Unity, that starts with the schools educational curriculum about the United States, Americans will just separate more and more until everyone only wants whats relates to them and is willing to step on their neighbor to have it that way.

It started with the formation of a country, in which at that time, ALL of the people who formed it, felt devoted to it. They became “One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.” With a Declaration in which they wrote, “All Men Are Created Equal.”

We have problems, with people and even our own government, fighting about everything in this country because of everyone’s personal heritage and beliefs and it won’t get any better unless we start to put the Country back in the school system. Let our children be the true natural-born citizens of this great country that they are, joined together in learning that America is their Country, together!

Until this Spirit is once again recognized as being the reason we are in this Great Country and it is put back in all schools where it belongs, as the corner-stone of the educational system for all our little citizens to grow up together believing in, there isn’t any person, group, organization, ethnicity, nationality, race or creed, who is pushing their own ways on everyone else, that will create a great country for everyone and have a fully functional government to top it off!

You celebrate this holiday and I will celebrate that holiday, but everyone had better learn that we have to celebrate America together, or it will vanish and the sad part is, our children will never experience the joy and freedom we had with it!


Link to the Declaration of Independence

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