Great News!

Great News Everybody, In the US there are 16% more millionaires now, than there was in 2008! And that increase happened during the worst part of the recession. I wonder if the 16% of unemployed and the 16 million people who lost their homes had something to do with those new millionaires, some how. Don’t you think?  Anyway Isn’t that great. Whoo Wee. Yeah. Hoo.

I know what to do. All of the unemployed out there, rush down to the boat docks and to the country clubs of America and lets all celebrate with them.

Yea right, they’d have some big security guard throw you out on your ear and we all know it. Besides, if anyone did get in, you already know there wouldn’t be a place for you with your name on it, unless it was the White House and you weren’t supposed to be on the guest list.

You see, those new millionaires  got that way, because they helped fuel a bad recession by putting people out of work in order to make those millions.

As long as that last dollar they cut from laying you off, put them over the top, that’s all that matters. The ironic thing is, that if all of them were asked, I bet there isn’t a single one that would remember your name if they had been the one who let you go.

That’s millionaires and that folks is how much they care about you and how much of a human being they really are to everyone, except their own.

Any millionaires in the crowd care to take a stab at a rebuttal? It’s your stage!


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