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Rent to buy, Cars? Save Your Money.

Hertz will give you a free three day rental, if you do what they call, Rent to Buy.

You rent a car for up to three days that you would like to buy from them and then, you get the rental free if you decide to buy that car. Otherwise you pay the rent for the days you had it.

Let me ask you this, If you were going to buy a new – used car, would the price of a three day rental make you or break you? Probably not. But by renting it, they are more apt to get you to put your money towards a purchase than waste it on the rental, where you still will be without a car.

Why gamble on spending the money or hassle with rentals at all, when you can go to a new or used car dealer who has a much wider mix of used cars, many with a lot less mileage than a car rental place should have. If you are really serious in buying one, most dealers will check you out just like the renters do and they will allow you to take the car or one like it for a couple hours, I have seen up to a weekend, if you are really that serious.

Most dealers will bend over backwards especially now to try to sell a car. Besides, there isn’t anything you will learn about a car in three days that you wouldn’t find out in just an afternoon behind the wheel.

The last used car I bought, they let me drive for 24 hours and you know, the hours I had it didn’t cost me a dime, including the hours I was sleeping.

One third of your day is spent sleeping anyway, so a three day rental is actually only a day and a half, maybe two at best and you will pay for three.

So just arrange to borrow it from the dealer in the morning and turn it in just before they close, or the next morning after they open. Most any dealer will do that, especially if you have some people you want to get opinions from before you buy and it won’t cost you a dime.

HOT TIP; The Rent to Own stores are costing you more money, just like a credit card does when you only make minimum payments. You are always better off buying outright, after saving the money to do it.


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