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Can you desecrate something that is Atheist?

The word desecrate is usually used to mean, the vandalizing or disrespect of something that is religious or holy.

A bus company in Detroit, recently put Atheist advertising signs on their buses, that were Desecrated and the bus company agreed to replace them.

So, is the word, desecrate, the appropriate word to use, in the context of something that happens to something that’s Atheist? They don’t believe in God!

Wouldn’t destroy or vandalize be better descriptive words to use, when it pertains to Atheisim. Those two words use together would be a contradiction of terms. It is sort of like saying JUMBO SHRIMP or GOVERNMENT INTELLIGENCE.

Anyway, the last Atheist I spoke with, was slightly taken aback when I said that I had been a long time doubting Thomas until the last pope died. When Pope, John Paul II died, I just happen to be home for the entire course of events and watched all the way through to the election of Pope Benedict XVI.

It was kind of a big thing, with people from all over the globe and from both friendly and not so friendly nations,  standing shoulder to shoulder to pay their respects to a Polish man who had died.

They went on with all the ceremonies and laid him to rest. hThen they started up the process that has been used for the last g2000 years, of having all of the cardinals vote for a new Pope. It wasn’t always white smoke from a chimney and ringing church bells that showed how the voting went, but the point I made to them was that it has been done for the last 2000 years and it started with the death of Peter the apostle, who was appointed by Jesus as the leader of the church, to lead the apostles and spread the word of God throughout the lands.

Upon Peters death, the first election for a new Pope took place. The new Pope was elected by the apostles/Cardinals and his name is recorded for all of history to see. The list of Popes dating all the way back, can be found online and in many books as well. So when I sat there and watched the white smoke billow from the chimney and the bells started to ring, it was that ceremony that has been going on for 2000 years that was the missing link (proof) that those individuals did actually exist 2000 years ago.

It may have been similar to a modern club of people, you would see now days, with their own procedures for electing a new leader. You might not know the first few leaders before you joined, but you know the ones who are elected after you joined.

So 2000 years ago the elections started and have been going on ever since and it happens every time a new pope is elected, right back to the first appointed Pope, Peter. Appointed by Jesus.

Anyway, enough talk about religion for a while, because there are government issues to discuss, that could help those out here, who are hurting and now left jobless and homeless.


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