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When seeking a job, Find your Passion.

Finding a job can be as simple as applying and then after a good interview, starting on Monday. Whala you have a job. But is it really the job that will make you happy?

For a few days while job searching, think and list (leave a couple of lines between each item on your list) all the things that you are passionate about. Things that you enjoy or get happiness from being near or around. Even if it brings you happiness by just thinking about it, then write it down.

Now this is the part that becomes fun. You should be in a little better mood after filling a page or two of things that you like. Now read slowly through your list and as you are reading, you think of or find in the newspaper, jobs for each happy item you listed. You can ask people you know for other job ideas that fit your happy things.

After days and even weeks, you will have compiled a pretty thorough list of jobs for each of your happy items. Now all you have to do is, keep your eye out for a job that’s on your list and apply for it, whether they ask for a million years of experience or not.

On your cover page or when going in to speak with anyone about the position, make sure that you fully explain your passion, the reason you would like a shot at trying to learn the job, and make sure you write it or tell it from your heart.

You see, there are a lot of people each end every year who get the chance at a job, just by telling someone about their passion that goes right along with the job. When you are passionate about something and trying to explain that to someone else, you will absolutely glow. Your audience will be so engrossed in your story, that you become the reason the job was invented in the first place.

I don’t care if one of your passions may be, seeing as many people in a day as you can, and then you find a job opening for a ticket taker at the local theater. It is a good job for you, and when telling the interviewer or writing that cover letter about your passion for meeting people, your dedication, conviction and happiness, will shine through and you will have a better shot at getting that job.

You see, an employer would rather hire the proper person for a job, that way they aren’t constantly looking for a new person when the old one quits. If you show them why you would be the right person for the job, no matter what your passion is that relates to the job, than you will shine above the rest.

Here is a few examples before closing.

Passion; Being alone.  Jobs; Janitor, Security Guard, Private Detective, Funeral Home help, Housekeeper, Park Maintenance, etc.

Passion; Like Flowers.  Jobs; Florist or flower shop help, Interior or Clothing Designer, landscapers, etc.

Passion; Love Ice-cream.  Jobs; Ice-cream shop person, Ice-cream truck driver, Ice-cream factory worker, Ice-cream sales person, etc.

Passion; Hiking.  Jobs; Sporting good store worker, Hiking instructor, Campground attendant, Forestry position, Tour or Hiking Guide, etc.

Passion; Books;  Jobs; Book store attendant, Library personnel, Book publishing company job, Literary assistant, Proof reader,  jobs with time for you to read, Security Guard, Etc.

Anyway, I hope this helps you to not only land a job, but that you end up with one where you eventually advance or branch off and start your own business, because you Found Your Passion!


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