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Health Care For Everyone

I just don’t know where I am going with this, but one things for sure, If we let our government make us get health insurance and then let them FINE us if we don’t, there is definitely something wrong in America.

That is exactly what the health bill will do to each person who doesn’t buy health insurance. It will let the government place a fine on anyone who doesn’t purchase health insurance for their-self and their family.

Imagine that, first you are MADE or rather FORCED to buy health insurance for yourself and your family. But if you can’t afford and refuse to buy the coverage required by the government, you will be FINED by them. They probably will withhold your tax refunds or garnish your wages to collect the fine.

For anyone who is pretty well off, this bill is great. For anyone who isn’t hurting and getting by with a few bucks to spare, all the help they give to them may help. But it will hurt MILLIONS of hard working citizens who are really just struggling or have lost their health coverage and MILLIONS more who can’t afford it.

Sure I agree that everyone should have the right to see a doctor when necessary, but to give All Americans, health coverage by making you buy it and be FINED if you don’t is just plain wrong.

It isn’t stepping up to the plate to do what America wanted, let each person be insured even if they can’t afford it and without penalties.

This is the biggest failure of government to do what would be right for the majority of people, that I have ever seen in my lifetime.

THIS IS WRONG PEOPLE! It will hurt the very MILLIONS who don’t have health coverage now because they can’t afford it. It’s not going to hurt the already insured, or the well to do.

I personally know of several times in my life that I couldn’t afford health insurance and didn’t have it. But I wasn’t penalized for not having it!

Now the government, who I guess is now for the rich and it shows, will make anyone who can’t afford health insurance get it or be fined. That isn’t what Health insurance coverage for everyone was supposed to be about.

Many presidents in the past have mentioned health insurance for everyone, and not one ever said, that those who couldn’t afford it, would HAVE to buy it, much less get FINED for not doing so.

The government was supposed to come up with a way to cover those who can’t afford it and not by making them pay for it.

It looks like the government has gone to the rich and they won’t ever give anything to the less fortunate in this country that would really make a difference and really help them to get ahead of where they are at now. That’s why you saw bailouts for WALLSTREET and MILLIONS of hurting people lost their homes, without any offers of help from the government that would have stopped the banks from collecting on those who had lost their jobs because of the recession!

I’m sorry, but you know what anyone who agrees with this health bill can do! You can take your health coverage for everyone and your big fat wallets (money) and shove them you know where!


Several states already are saying that they will take this to the supreme court as soon as Obama signs the bill. While other states already are circulating petitions, to give the voters the right to stop this from happening in their states.

I guess a lot of people don’t like this kind of lawmaking. Hey!

What are they thinking up there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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