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Practice dialing 911 with your kids.

Practice makes perfect is what we always tell the kids. So practice a few things with them.

First, and practice this until you are satisfied, teach them to dial 911 if there’s a emergency. If it’s a fire they should run to a trusted neighbors house first then dial.

Get an old play phone to practice with, and take them through the whole call as if you were the operator. Even if your 911 service has automatic location, you still want them to practice the name, address, and phone number part because you might be somewhere that doesn’t have it when they call.

The second thing to practice is a fire drill. Teach them what to do if there is a fire and rehearse this a few times a year. Make sure they can operate anything in the path they are instructed to take. Door locks, baby gates, window locks, opening a window if it includes one. Their route must be do-able by them at all times, if that’s what they are to do. If they are too young then show them what to do until help arrives.

Take the kids up to your local fire department on a quiet Saturday evening in the summer, to see the trucks and let one of the firemen show them how they look if they are dressed with their breathing masks on. They will love it and they will know what to expect in a real rescue.

The fire men can also help you find information or help plan what everyone should do. But before you leave remember to thank them for all the hard and dangerous work they do. It’s not the pay they love, it’s the Job and the people they do it for. That’s why they do it.

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