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Bean counters and the Walton’s?

Wow imagine this. The people who keep track of stuff, (I call them bean counters), said that we are returning to the days of the Walton’s.

For those of you who don’t know the Walton’s, they were a TV family back in the Seventies, that had multi generations of their family, living together under the same roof. From great grandparents, down to great grandchildren, they all lived together.

Well that’s what the number guys say, is happening in America as we speak.

I am just going to say this about it. I can’t stand when the number guys come up with something they see happening in their number counting and think that they have just discovered plutonium or something.

Most of the time, if they would get their noses out of the numbers for just a minute and look out a window they would be able to predict their numbers just by watching what is happening in this country!

Listen up number people out there, With all the Unemployment and Home Foreclosures that have taken place over the past year, as MILLIONS of people have lost their homes and have been devastated, it wouldn’t take much of a brain to figure out that many of those individuals had to go live with their relatives for a while, until they can get back on their feet!

So if you ever discover something really significant with your number counting, please let us know, but for now, just keep counting. We know what is going on in America, we weren’t born yesterday you know, but if your numbers ever find out why they still insist on making one ply toilet paper, Please let me know and Shut up John Boy were trying to sleep!


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