Librarys, Computers and Bailouts?

The numbers reflect that one third of Americans use library computers for their internet use and job searches, amongst other things.

With numbers like that, the computer manufacturers have room for a whole new complete cheep market to sell to, if they so choose. That’s if they were creative enough to do so!

But what if the government got off their you know what and offered another bailout program that would put good used computers, into the hands of the lower income who can’t afford to buy one. Similar to what they have already done with the free cell phone program.

First, businesses could donate their used computers instead of scrapping them. Some businesses actually do donate old computers to good causes already.

Just imagine being able to claim $100 bucks or more off of your taxes if you donate your old computer to a licensed computer repair shop, to be refurbished for basic dial-up internet access (with child protection), along with word processing and then donated to a charitable organization, that helps those who are struggling to get by.

If someone needs a computer and qualifies, they can get one per household for free and get a pre-paid card to allow them  dial-up internet access, to enable them to look for work or use the online unemployment systems.

Wow, talk about putting everyone online. It would also help to create jobs. Repair shops would get a rebate too. The prepaid card would provide only enough use-age time for them to use for legitimate reasons. It would keep a lot of old computers from ending up as waste in a landfill.

The list goes on, so what do you think! Let me know!

Let’s hit Obama and the computer giants up with this one hey!


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