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South Hadley High School Faculty should be Jailed

When the faculty of a school lets bullying happen to the extent that it did in this case, they should be Jailed! Incompetence is not an excuse, ever, by anyone, to not at least seek help and get suggestions on how to handle a situation that could escalate into violence.

Apparently what had happened was the students began to pick on a girl because of a failed romance with a popular boy in the school. The group of juvenile delinquents harassed the girl to the point of taking her own life because of the torment she had been going through for months.

Now the prosecutor, has several of the bullies up on some serious charges which they indeed should be.

Northwestern District Attorney Elizabeth Scheibel announced the charges and to many peoples amazement, they didn’t include not one single charge brought against any of the faculty at the school or in the ruling board of education for the school district.

Scheibel apparently stated that no charges were being sought against the faculty because they had “a lack of understanding of harassment associated with teen dating relationships,” and the school’s code of conduct was interpreted and enforced in an “inconsistent” manner. Meaning the faculty failed to follow through on rule enforcement and discipline in many other instances as well.

Then answer me this, Why the hell are those people allowed to run and fill critical positions at a high school, if they are not educated enough to perform the job duties that go along with the positions!

Like I said before, Ignorance is not an excuse! EVER! Tell any judge you didn’t know the law and listen to what they tell you oh sad unknowing individual. I will add further that whoever the charging prosecutor may be, they are as guilty of the same negligence and need to also spend a few good years behind bars for not charging the faculty, all the way up to Gus Sayer the school Superintendent. (Maybe a few of them are related some how or something? Someone should check into that!)

The students acted wrongly and should all be tried, but the administration at the school failed to act in prevention of what they were informed was happening and should equally be tried as well, because their lack of action contributed directly to the girls death.

Apparently according to Massachusetts representative John Scibak, there is a Bully Awareness bill being worked on there, but he  didn’t mention anything about investigating why the adults involved aren’t being brought up on charges. All he basically commented to, was that they should possibly be reprimanded for their failures to prevent this tragic act of bullying from taking place. Why isn’t anyone going after the acting adults in this case? What the hell is being covered up in that state!

If that county keeps these people in the school system, there’s a lot that we as parents won’t tolerate and that would definitely be a major one, because that girl could have been any one of our children! That kind of ignorance of individuals in administrative positions won’t be tolerated, for the safety of all of the kids!

Students and parents alike, must take a stand to never let this happen again, and see this through or else the next individual taking their life could hit closer to home!
At-least, Do what’s right Now for Phoebe Prince.



  1. john smith
    April 19, 2010 at 1:03 AM

    *comment was edited to remove foul language*
    as u student of south hadley high school whoever has written this article and anyone who also holds the same opinion must be the dumbest – in the world. grow up. what happened was messed up but no one in their normal mind would kill them self over this. pheobe tried commiting suicide in ireland before she came here already. their used to be freshman harrasment back in the day and no one killed themselves like get over it.

    • Bankruptnooption.
      April 19, 2010 at 5:25 PM

      I am glad you agree that “what happened was messed up” enough that it caused someone to act in such an irrational manner as to take their own life. No matter what may have happened in anyone’s past, it does not relieve those who’s actions or lack of action that caused the tragedy from being responsible for what happened.
      When you grow up and hold your first child in your arms after they are born, you will understand why everyone must be held accountable for their involvement, direct or indirectly!
      Thanks for your opinion!

  2. Rashna
    April 3, 2010 at 12:35 AM

    I agree that administrators such as South Hadley School Superintendent Gus Sayer should be jailed for criminal negligence. Gus Sayer has a history of siding with and supporting staff that have clearly behaved in an unprofessional or even abusive manner, of not listening to the concerns of parents, and of turning a blind eye to what is really going on in the schools if the kids at fault are from powerful families. E.g. the kids who brought bombs to Amherst Middle School in the 1990s. My kids went through Amherst schools when he was Superintendent, and I have personal experience of this incompetent, uncaring, supercilious man who just smirks when you go to him to get redress to a serious problem. His first mode of defense is to go into denial about the staff member. Then he tries to make it all about you and your kids. Then he makes you out to be a psycho parent. He has no heart, no soul, no conscience and, in the final analysis, no mind, the Dr. before his name notwithstanding.

    • Bankruptnooption.
      August 28, 2012 at 7:16 PM

      Thanks for writing. I don’t know the dr. but I will say that there are many that let the fact that they are a doctor go too their head and they think they are better than everyone. If they only would realize there are millions of them, than they might not feel so almighty!! Lol

      Thanks for writing,

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