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OMG! Un-believable …Yet Again there go more rights.

April 29, 2010 at 6:09 AM | #1

OMG! Un-believable …Yet Again there go more rights. In Santa Clara County in California they are trying to get a bill passed that bans fast food restaurants from putting toys in kids meals.

The toys are not what makes our children “obese”, it’s what they put in their mouths. And for the Lawmakers or Government to tells us, yet again, not to feed our children fast food, is ridiculous. Sure fried foods aren’t good for our children or us, however, it is our “right” as parents and adults to monitor what our children consume. We as parents have to decide what choices our children pick to eat. There are some healthy items on the menus of fast food restaurants. We as parents have to discipline ourselves to help our children to make the right food choices. It is NOT up to the government to step in again.

They (the government) already have stepped in too much, “for our own good” to “help” us with our children. Personally, I think it should be up to the parents, not only on what we feed our children but also how we discipline them. Enough is Enough, tell Government to STOP!



Corporate policy that you Shouldn’t Follow to Keep your Job.

Well, 2 Sprint employees, 1 Wall-mart employee, and 2 Best Buy employees have been fired recently for trying to do the right thing when they all spotted shoplifters, or so they thought.

Apparently all the stores feel that these individuals violated corporate policies on following or chasing shoplifters and they all lost their jobs on account of it.

To beat it all, the 2 Sprint employees were in another store, on lunch and they still got fired by Sprint for their actions.

One of the former employees said that it was the way he was raised, to step up and help when needed, but he still lost his job with Sprint.

You see most every store has their own rules on how an employee should proceed when they spot someone shoplifting while they are at work on company property. Violate the no chase rules on shoplifting and it’s Adiose Amigo for you.

So, and I never thought I would ever recommend this to anyone since I once helped to chase a shoplifter out of a store, across a parking lot and across a side street onto a neighbor’s lawn, where he was tackled by three burly employees, then walked back to the store to face the law over the $10.00 item he put in his pocket.

I don’t even think there were corporate policies on what to do in a situation like that back then, but I do know that because we acted, we not only got a petty thief off the streets who was wanted for stealing other small items from other stores, but we received an Atta-Boy along with a paid day off from the Owner, the next time he visited the store.

I know that now days, liabilities and law suits play a major role as to why there are policies against actions like these. But for Human Sakes, stop punishing those individuals who were raised with backbone, who step in to help where help is needed, because that’s the way they were taught while growing up.

Their parents didn’t teach them to run the other way when something is wrong or someone needs help. They were taught to pitch in and help. Those kind of people should be the leaders of both big business and of our country. They also weren’t taught to sue someone because they stepped up to act and got themselves injured by doing so, either.

What the businesses are effectively telling the criminals now days, is that you can steel anything you like from my store, just don’t come back because you are on camera! Go to another store next time!

What these businesses need to do is just the opposite. They need to set a policy on shoplifting that will warn against employees taking action but still allow for anyone that decides to act on their own behalf to stop or apprehend the crook. It should not only let them keep their job, but be rewarded for what they did also. Sure, have every employee sign waiver papers so you can’t be sued for their actions, but for bloomin sakes man, let them get involved if they so choose! This is America!

By firing them for their actions you are only making things in this country worse, instead of better! What if your daughter or wife’s purse was being snatched and the same guy who got fired for stopping a shoplifter saw it and just walked away! You would have wished that they had acted on their behalf, now wouldn’t you! But what you are teaching everyone by firing these brave souls, is to not get involved in order to keep their jobs.

So, until the companies you work for change their policies on shoplifting, you can do what you feel is right. I am recommending to you, because you need your job, that you just turn your head whenever you see something happening where you work, so that you don’t get fired for doing the right thing.

This way, the thief gets what he wanted, the store recoups their loss with higher prices and you get to keep your job! It’s pretty much a win win win for everyone.

I guess with that said, the stores are off the hook in having to hire corporate lawyers to change policies that would make America a better place, because all they have to do is get out the old price sticker gun to raise prices and cure the problem.

Now, I have a corporate backbone for sale, who want’s it! And if it’s stolen, the next one will cost you double!

P.S. Give those people their jobs back, This is America, Remember!


More people want to rule you more than ever.


Well, in Michigan they have taken away some more of our rights and I wonder when it will stop, if ever! The anti-smoking law is about to come into effect May First.

This means that you will no longer smoke in most any public place! It was passed by people who care about others so much, that they want you to stop smoking around other people so they don’t get cancer from second-hand smoke.

They also care about the rising cost of health care and making everybody healthier will definitely help a bit

So we All lose another right. Yes I said we All. Why? Because if you jump on a bandwagon to stop someone from doing something, just remember this. The rights you take away from those who exercise them, are rights that you are taking away from yourself even if you do not choose to exercise them.

You have lost one of your rights for every law passed that takes away a right from others.

The real problem is that they are starting to get a little extreme and now they are starting to dictate what we can and can not do in our personal lives, which is dead wrong.

If you are one of the people who are getting your jollies by pushing for these freedom limiting laws to be put into effect because you don’t exercise your rights under any of these laws, then just hold on a minute.

You are going to see an extreme movement with various pushes to change various laws that will limit your freedoms also. Mark my words on this! If more and more laws change that take away freedoms from certain different groups, you will be faced with a challenge on every law that you won’t want to see changed, But remember this, IT WILL BE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

I wonder how much money we could save annually in our health care system and how much healthier of a country we could become by limiting the usage of Alcohol!

You see, every question that was used to get the ball rolling on anti-smoking laws or other laws that have taken away our rights, can also be put to use with other things. So why not open up a new can of worms because we don’t want to see anyone die of Cirrhosis of the Liver or any other diseases caused by consuming Alcohol. Plus, just think of the huge savings of lives, money and manpower, by eliminating drunk driving accidents from the roadways of the U.S.A.!

What next, Hunting, Fishing, I know, you could better protect yourself by doing just like Canada and taking our Guns!

We all have to start standing up to these people who have nothing better to do than to take away rights from others and our children! Before it’s to late!




April 22, 2010 2 comments

It has been estimated that almost 4 Million people will end up paying fines for not getting the mandatory health coverage the government wants us to spend our money on.

If  it will cost you more than 8% of your income you will be exempt because you are lower class. Most all of the upper class who have money still left over to burn at the end of each month will go for the insurance. This leaves those estimated middle class individuals earning below $60,000 or $120,000 if married in the pot that will experience the biggest losses and the most trouble by having to get the insurance.

When they have to give up to 8% of their income for insurance, you will see a lot of these people go bankrupt and lose everything. If they refuse to get it they will be fined anywhere from $600 to $1,000 dollars or more and it will come out of any tax money they expected to get back for that year.

Many of these people need this tax money for necessary repairs to their homes or auto’s. They pay down credit cards and other bills including property taxes with their tax returns. It will hurt these people tremendously.

Isn’t there something that is just plain wrong with the government making you do something or getting fined if you don’t? If this is allowed to happen then what will be the next thing they will be fining us on for our own good?

Exactly what will it be that they will make you spend your hard-earned dollars for next? Even if you can’t really afford it!

This isn’t the way that our government is supposed to work. Did you get to vote on the health care bill? No, neither did anyone else and why not? You weren’t included in the law making process this time. It wasn’t put on a ballot for the American public to vote on. How about next time they want to pass something that makes you pay for something even when you can’t afford it? Will you be included then!

Probably not, since they did it this time, they will most certainly do it again!

This is something that has to be stopped and rather quickly I might add. It’s not the way our government was meant to operate.!

We are the people and we are the government in this country, of which  those elected should all be doing things for the good of everybody and not telling us we have to do something for our own good, that many will unfortunately have to choose not to do and be fined.

That’s Just Plain Wrong!


Tiger Woods accepts Nike commercial with style.

I am not to happy with what he has done in his marriage, but they also say that it takes two to tango, or so I’ve heard. But there was one thing that I was glad to see happen regarding the New Nike commercial.

Go find it on You Tube, and see how you think you may have handled it. I feel that he did an exceptional job with his comments about it, and if he actually meant them, then he won that round as far as I’m concerned.

In the commercial, you see a frozen picture of Woods and there is a voice talking to him which is supposed to be his father, from heaven and he is asking him if he learned anything etc. etc.. etc…

Woods commented that his dad always had a way of talking to him when he needed it. Those aren’t his words exactly, but that’s what I got out of his comments about the commercial.

Sure, Nike ran the ad for exposure, but for whatever reason it was done, many people would have gotten mad about the use of their father.

For his reaction to this ad, I have to salute his coolness and adult demeanor. Maybe his problems have helped him to grow more as a person than in the past.


T’s UP to Mark Levin and Down to Sean Hannity

Thumbs Up, Mark Levin is an American guy with an agenda of clearing out and bringing light to the corrupt B.S. that takes place in this great country daily. He is the guy who is on the line for the regular American Citizen and not trying to sell a bunch of crap to get rich.

Oh sure he has a book to sell or maybe a few of them, I’m not sure. But one thing is different from the way Sean Hannity does it, he actually cares about what is going on in America and doesn’t give a rats ass if he walks away with a dime while doing it.

In my further oppinion, Sean Hannity on the other hand is one of those guys who is charging for Sign-Up on his site and selling what he can to line his wallet. He says he cares about America but when you go to his site to see what his spiel is all about they want you to register and pay $5.95 a month before you can hear any of his archived radio broadcasts.

Now either he is making millions from people wanting to hear his shows for $5.95 a month or he is just set on trying to make a buck. I doubt it’s millions so he would probably do better to drop the $5.95 charge per month and to make his material free. Then I may want to buy his book. NOT. By charging, he’s got as much of a chance to get rich as old Uncle Jed did while hunting for food. It isn’t likely to happen!

So listen up to Mark Levin, because he is the guy who is doing it for us for FREE and trying to make America a better place for all and for generations to come!

VISIT THE MARK LEVIN SHOW NOW! Check out his archived radio shows and his Web Site for FREE and see what he is all about!


MA. School Steps up to stop Bullying

The school had students make anonymous lists of the bullies in their school, and then turn them in.

The school is then watching and educating the students on the list about bullying.

Now the kids on the list say they are being bullied because they are on the list.

Someone also asked how they knew the students were naming actual bullies and not just picking other kids to get them in trouble. The principal commented that the names of the kids who were actually doing the bullying appeared frequently. So they are pretty sure who the real bullies are.

I cheer this schools administration and hope that more schools provide this avenue to the students so the bullies can be dealt with, before things get really out of hand for anyone.

I would also like to see more dads across America stand up and deal with their own children if their kid is shown to be a bully. You see, most bully kids usually pick on smaller kids  or unpopular shy, or bigger ones because they know they usually won’t fight back. Everyone knows how it works and if your kid is a bully then they are seen by the majority watching as being the actual problem children and true cowards because they are the actual misfits in society not the other kids.

Do you really want others looking at your kid that way? It sorta reflects on you ya know!