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…..Destroying crops for cash.

Destroying crops for cash…..

Farmers in Florida are destroying hundreds of acres of ripe strawberries to raise the prices. They protected them during the freeze, with thousands of gallons of water causing large underground sink holes, that are damaging homes in the area.

Because the crops did so well, there are so many strawberries that they are now worth only 25 cents a pound, where normally they are worth around $1.00 a pound. So to drive up the prices, they are killing off thousands of strawberry loaded plants.

All I have to say about this is that it should be a crime to destroy any crop for that reason, especially during a recession. The news channels are starting to show locations of their nearest food banks because there are so many people in the US that need help.

Those strawberries could have been donated to their local pantries to provide much needed deserts to pass out with the meals. A bowl of juicy ripe strawberries is good for the body and yet the farmers are just chopping them up.

You see what greed will do to you. Sure you may end up with more money, but to have unthinkable acts against humanity on your soul to contend with all of your life, I’d rather live a simple good happy family life, than to live a rich and depressing life any day!

I guess most would choose cash over conscious, but to me, It’s a  easy choice to do the right thing.  Share the berries with the world food banks and then collect the regular price on what I choose to sell.

Easy and everyone wins. I guess farmers just aren’t concerned with things other than their crops. It’s to bad they are like that, because that is one group of individuals that is normally respected by regular people. Well let’s just say they were respected by most.


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