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Father of child from Brazil Stops Grandparent visitation.

It is a crying shame now that the boy has come to live here with him, that he is stopping the child from visiting the Brazilian Grandparents, the very people the child grew up around for the first 5 years of his life.

What an idiot this guy is. Just like all the other parents who don’t want the child to have anything to do with the other side of the child’s family, they are all idiots.

Not only are they doing the wrong thing, but they are all hurting the mental well-being of the children to boot.

If the child grew up knowing those people, then separating them is only harming the child more than the adults, who are the main target for doing so.

One day that child will grow up and after beginning life with all kinds of behavioral and educational problems, they will finally be old enough to leave you and they will seek out the people they were kept from seeing.

So I hope you are not permanently hated by your kid in future years, for separating them from the ones they start to grow up with and love.

You can not win a childs love and become the most important person in their life by separating them from the other people they love and you are only showing your immaturity and selfishness by doing so.

You are all low lifes that should never have had kids, so grow up already and let the poor child see his grandparents!  You -@?*#$&^


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