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The World Is Getting More Screwed Up

Doesn’t it seem like there is an awful lot of things going on, more than normal. The world is getting more screwed up every day. Everyone seems to be fighting over some thing or some kind of a cause. From Global Warming to Spanking our Children, things have turned into fights and further away from sensible discussion.

Even the lawmakers and the leaders of nations can’t come to agree on things very often any more. They are fighting between themselves more than ever before. There are more and more people speaking up on things and it seems that everything is at a stand still, or a boiling point with nothing really getting accomplished at all.

Is the global economic crisis to blame, or could it be something in the water, like fluoride? Who knows, but one things for certain, there are a lot of disgruntled people out there in many countries that are not happy with what is going on where they live either.

Have the leaders forgotten how to be leaders, maybe their hands are tied, or is it just the fact that most of the leaders elected nowadays are lacking the leadership skills that are necessary for the positions they seek to fill?

Why just the other day someone was blasting away at the pope for not having the leadership skills necessary to handle all the things that are being thrown his way right now. I guess he isn’t being very diplomatic according to some, but to others he is doing just fine.

Could this be caused by the economic crisis that grips many nations at present? I would believe so.

You see in good times people are more agreeable and more likely to debate issues and not fight over them. People point less blame at others and direct it instead towards the circumstances surrounding a problem, not at the individuals trying to solve the problems.

During hard times, turn the other cheek and treat others like you would like to be treated just doesn’t seem to apply any longer. No one is willing to cut anyone some slack as would happen in good times. Pointing the finger or flipping it at someone is more relevant now than ever in the past and it has to be the times that are doing it. And why is that, you might ask.

People having trouble and living in hard times, look at the people who haven’t been affected and see them through eyes that are filled with animosity and hatred. Why me? Why not them? What makes them any better than me? They aren’t! They have all the luck and if it weren’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all.

There are CEO’s that have been put to the curb, right along side janitors. You just don’t see them suffer because they have millions to get them by. They’re not standing in food lines and buying second-hand clothes like we are, so we hate and resent them for being the lucky ones. As human beings we are unwilling to cut anyone slack who isn’t in the same boat as we are.

Thus we see the great divide. The division between the haves and the have-nots. The separation between rich and poor, where each is blaming the other for what’s going on. During real rough times where there are millions of people around the globe feeling this way, the feelings of spite and animosity are magnified a hundred fold.

Nothing, no matter what is, will have a simple fix under the circumstance of rich versus poor. Shouting matches and fights will become more prevalent until things get better for everyone.

Things will become more and more screwed up as the divide separates the masses. So until the economic crisis starts to wind down and everyone can once again prosper with the means they create for themselves, and live a better life, things will become more and more screwed up as time goes by.

You see you can’t captain a boat along a steady line when only the passengers on one side have oars and until prosperity comes back enough for everyone in the boat to have their own oars in the water, the boat will just continue to spin in circles as the world is now.


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